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Priest Yun Guang almost lost it, she could no longer maintain her identity as a world renowned master, her voice trembled as she said: “What are you…what are you doing!”

“Yes, Uncle.” Gu Jing came back to his senses.

He took a step forward and thoughtfully protected Qin Xin behind him.

He spoke kindly to Gu Ze Zhi, “Priest Yun Guang has always been trusted by the Empress Dowager.

The Empress Dowager often ordered her into the palace to preach.

Whats more, she is also well-known in the capital, she had always been accurate in her fortune telling and predictions, and had a high level of cultivation skills.”

“Uncle, please think twice before you act!”

Gu Ze Zhi smiled and said: “It is precisely because the Empress Dowager trusts the priest so much that I cant tolerate her any further.”

“Yes.” Qin Jiu hugged her golden patron tightly, and said in a hurry, “You cant let the world know that the Empress Dowager trusts a demon cultivator, isnt this criticizing the Empress Dowager.”

She had already made up her mind.

She had offended both the male and female leads.

Shes afraid that they will get rid of her soon, so she could only rely on her golden patron.

Anyway, her golden patron was still years away from his death, its a waste if she doesnt utilize this golden opportunity!

Gu Ze Zhi waved his hand casually.

The two guards escorted Priest Yun Guang away.

Priest Yun Guang wanted to scream, but she was afraid of ruining her already detached image.

Her face was pale, and she finally left after saying one sentence “I have nothing to hide.”

Everyone was silent.

They werent stupid, they all witnessed it happen before them.

Todays events had lots of twists and turns, they were confused at that moment.

Now thinking back it carefully, everything could somehow be linked together.

The Qin family now claims to the public that Qin Xin was given birth by the wife of the sub branch, Lady Su.

However, this is probably another lie of the Qin family.

New lies are always used to cover up the old lie.

So, is there a scandal in the Qin family that they wanted to hide

Also, Qin Jiu kept mentioning, that Qin Xins parents committed murder!

This is interesting!

The ladies exchanged glances calmly.

The ladies in the water pavilion at the moment were on good terms with Qin Xin, but in the current situation, they dont even know how to ask her about this and where to even start.

“Ahem.” Princess Ying Luo gave a light cough, to smooth things over, she said, “Sister Xin, lets continue painting.”

This chanting event was hosted by Princess Ying Luo.

If something really happened, not only Qin Xin would be humiliated, but so would she!

Princess Ying Luo brought the topic back lightly, as if they had been painting and admiring the paintings all along, and they didnt have anything to do with priest Yun Guang.

The ladies looked at each other, they all respected Princess Ying Luos words.

No matter how curious they were, it was obviously not a good time to inquire on.

They could only talk about it later……

Gu Jings thin lips pressed tightly, and his handsome face turned slightly gloomy.

He was a majestic second prince.

He was born royal and noble.

He was always held high and  respected by others.

He was never humiliated in public before.

His gaze towards Qin Xin couldnt help but look slightly annoyed.

Qin Xins heart sank even more when she saw this.

She was scared.

Since her rebirth ten years ago, she told herself that she must not lose to Qin Jiu, to be more clear, Qin Jiu from the previous life, so she took the initiative to get close to the second prince.

In order to make the second prince fall in love with her, she familiarized herself with his personality.

She knows that he is prideful and now he must be angry that she had embarrassed him.

She cant let him hate her for this.

Qin Xins pupils flickered.



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