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“Your Highness……”

She called out softly, she wanted to walk towards him, but stopped in her steps again, her eyes that were looking at Gu Jing was covered with a thin layer of mist, and her expression looked terrified, sad and pitiful.

She raised her hand to cover her forehead, her body swayed, and she fell to one side……


Gu Jing, who was still angry, suddenly panicked and rushed over to hold Qin Xins slender waist, he was deeply worried: “Xiner, are you okay Xiner……”

Qin Xins eyes were closed shut, lying in his arms, her eyelashes quivered slightly, and her worries finally dissolved.

Qin Xin that suddenly passed out, caused chaos in the water pavilion.

The ladies cried out nervously, some maids went to get the smelling salt, some went to get chairs, and some asked Princess Ying Luo whether they had to call for the doctor……

Gu Jing easily lifted Qin Xin up, and carried her to the chair brought by the maid.

Even in a hurry, he didnt forget to glance at Qin Jiu, his gaze full of disgust.

Qin Jiu: “……”

Forget it, she is the vicious female supporting role.

There was no difference between dislike and hatred…… as if!

“Little girl, brew some tea for me.” At this moment, Gu Ze Zhi said.

Brew tea Qin Jiu came back to her senses and thought in her heart: This “ancestor” is still so used to ordering people!

But that remained as her own thought, Qin Jiu still picked up the teapot that was placed aside, and said to herself happily, shes already taken advantage of her golden patron today, its just brewing tea, just do it.

Qin Jiu casually poured him a cup of tea and said: “Big brother, please drink some tea.” Her attitude was extremely half-hearted.

Then, she poured herself a glass as well.

Gu Ze Zhi looked at Qin Jiu, who was joyful, and the cloudy tea in front of him.

He couldnt help but smile, his brows glowing with radiant, “Little girl, this tea is not good.”

Qin Jiu raised her head from the tea cup, she tried to look as innocent as she could.

Isnt it just a cup of tea!

Gu Ze Zhi made a gesture, and a maid immediately offered him a complete new tea set.

Gu Ze Zhi skillfully started to brew a new batch of tea, cleaned his hands, ran the tea sets with boiling water, washed the tea leaves, and lastly brewed the tea…… His movements were elegant, clean and neat, as if he wasnt brewing tea but was doing some kind of a ritual.

Qin Jiu suddenly felt that the tea she just poured was not “tea” after all.

After a short while, a cup of tea that was clear and accompanied with a mellow tea fragrance was pushed in front of Qin Jiu.

Gu Ze Zhi raised his eyebrows and said, “Drink the tea.”

He didnt have to urge on, Qin Jiu had already picked up the tea cup, took a sip of the tea, and blinked slowly.

The fragrance of the tea lingered for quite some time, with a hint of bitterness and astringency in her mouth…There wasnt much difference from what she just made!

The people around either looked at Qin Jiu and Gu Ze Zhi, or looked at Gu Jing and Qin Xin, with subtle expressions, whispering to each other.

Gu Jing frowned, he couldnt stay here anymore.

He once again carried Qin Xin and strode out of the water pavilion.

Qin Sheng also chased after them while ordering Qin Xins maid: “Shu Xiang, you should go back to the Marquess Mansion and report to grandmother……”

The group of people walked away in a hurry, leaving everyone in the water pavilion dazed.

When Gu Jing took Qin Xin back to the Zhong Yi Marquess Mansion, Elder Lady Qin was already waiting anxiously for them.

Qin Xin woke up on the way to the mansion, her small face was pale, and she weakly leaned against Gu Jings chest.

Everyone that saw her will pity her, like the weak and delicate buds on a branch.

Elder Lady Qin felt very distressed.

Before waiting for them to bow, she stepped forward and took her hand, and asked with concern: “Sister Xin, Shu Xiang said that you fainted……what happened Dont scare grandma.”

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