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As soon as she saw Elder Lady Qin, Qin Xins grievance surfaced, her eyes turned red, and flashed with crystal tears, but she said nothing.

Elder Lady Qins heart ached as if it was being pulled by someone, and she hurriedly said: “Sister Xin, please quickly tell grandma, are you not feeling well, or had someone bullied you”

“I, Im fine.” Qin Xin shook her head weakly, her eyes turned a darker shade of red, and tears were hanging from her eyes.

“Fine Second sister, youve fainted.” Qin Sheng, who came back with them, said uneasily, “Grandma, its all the wild girls fault……its the third sisters fault! The third sister provoked her and she fainted!”

“Fourth sister, dont say any further……”

“Second sister, it is clear that you were bullied.” Qin Sheng said angrily.

“Grandma, you have no idea what the third sister did today, she said that the second sisters parents are murderers in front of so many people at the Sheng Hua Pavilion.

She also said that she has a lonely and cursed fate, and accused her for holding back her birth characters.”

Qin Sheng got even more angry while talking, her face flushed with anger.

“Grandma, the third sister is crazy, she didnt care about our Qin familys pride and reputation!”

“Your granddaughter kindly took her to Sheng Hua Pavilion so that she could learn a thing or two, but she had to create chaos!”

“Your granddaughter will be ashamed to go out and face these people in the future.”

All this time, Qin Xin bowed her head slightly, and when she heard these words, the tears she had been holding flowed down from the corner of her eyes, she looked extremely pitiful.

She whispered in a low voice: “Grandmother, its my fault, it has nothing to do with the third sister……”

Elder Lady Qin placed her arms around Qin Xins slender shoulders, coaxing her softly.

Gu Jing felt distressed as well.

In addition to that, he felt immense anger in his heart.

It wasnt only Qin Xin who was ashamed today, but he was included too.

Of course he would not blame Qin Xin, after all, Qin Xin is innocent, and she has suffered such embarrassment in public.

Its all Qin Jius fault.

Gu Jing was doubtful, Qin Jiu must be backed by Empress Wei to be brave enough to humiliate him!

And Gu Ze Zhi as well……

“Where is Qin Jiu” Elder Lady Qin asked angrily.

“Shes still at the Sheng Hua Pavilion.” Qin Sheng gritted her teeth and said, “Hmph, she didnt feel any sense of remorse.”

Elder Lady Qins face was stern, and her graceful face was as gloomy as deep dark water, and she said coldly: “Mama Cui, head to Sheng Hua Pavilion now and bring Qin Jiu back!”

After that, she softly coaxed Qin Xin: “Sister Xin, stop crying, grandma will definitely stand at your side.”

Mama Cui left in a hurry.

As soon as she left, she secretly asked someone to inform Qin Ze Zing.

When she arrived at the Sheng Hua Pavilion, Qin Ze Ning had already rushed there on a horse.

Qin Ze Ning gave a polite bow to Mama Cui and went straight into Sheng Hua Pavilion.

At this time, the chanting event hadnt finished yet, Qin Ze Ning asked the maid and was informed that Qin Jiu was in the garden behind the pavilion, and hurriedly walked towards that direction.

Among the many well-dressed ladies, Qin Ze Ning saw his little sister with just a glance.

The little girl sat in an octagonal pavilion with her cheeks in one hand, her small and exquisite chin slightly raised, a small smile plastered on her face, like the bright and splendid spring.

Looking at her again, he noticed that his sister was not alone.

Sitting across from her was a gentle and handsome young man in a purple robe who was talking to her with a smile, while her sister was listening intently.

Qin Ze Ning suddenly had an inexplicable feeling in his heart.

His sister never sat with him and had a decent conversation like this before!

Qin Ze Ning took two steps at a time, quickening his footsteps and walked over.



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