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“Of course.” The empress smirked, and slowly said, “ Yun Guang had gained fame in the capital all these years.

The Empress Dowager always believed in Taoism.

However, one time, when she visited theXuan Qing temple, she had a headache all of a sudden, Yun Guang drew a paper charm, burnt the charm in water and served it to the dowager.The dowager recovered instantly after drinking it.

Since then, Yun Guang had gained the trust of the dowager and she frequently brought her into the palace.

At this moment, Gu Zhen solved another puzzle ring again, he was staring at Qin Jiu with a hopeful look, her heart instantly melted at the sight of him.

“Zhen, you are brilliant!”

Qin Jiu applauded and carassed his soft hair.

Gu Zhen smiled shyly, his lips pursed, the 4 year old boy looked cute and well behaved.

Empress Weis smile softened.

Gu Zhen continued to play with his toy again, Qin Jiu looked at the empress and continued the conversation: “Aunt, do you think the priest really has the skills”

She felt that Yun Guang wasnt reliable at all.

After having the incredible experience of “traversing through a book”, Qin Jiu could no longer confidently say that she believed in science.

However, she still firmly believes that masters wouldnt be so easily tricked by Qin Xi.

“It is just evil sorcery.” Empress Wei frowned, said disdainfully.

Speaking about Yun Guang, the empress felt uneasy.

Her thoughts words were initially buried deep down, as she did not have anyone to complain to, now that Qin Jiu was here, she could finally express her thoughts : “If it was the dowager that trusts Yun Guang, I wouldnt even bother.

However, the priest would always bring precious medicines to the dowager.

The dowager would then ask the emperor to consume them!”

“The emperor has a good temper, he couldnt reject his mothers request and could only consume the medicine.” Empress Wei got even grumpier, her well-cared hands tightly grabbed the side of a napkin, “Since the emperor started taking these medicines one year ago, his body had been growing weaker.

The dowager chose to ignore this fact and persisted that those medicines could prolong his life!”

“A few days ago, Yun Guang was again invited to the temple.

This time, she gave the dowager a folk prescription, exaggerating that the prescription could cure the emperors chronic illness.

The dowager treated the prescription like treasure and requested someone to make the pills for the Emperor.”

Qin Jiu eyes widened in disbelief.

It turns out, all this time, the emperor had been consuming the pills !

Qin Jiu blinked, she suddenly remembered the plot in this novel, describing that the Emperor was obsessed with these prescriptions, and he had to take these pills every single day.

After that, the Emperor didnt care about the court affairs, luckily, there was the second prince helping his father deal with matters…..

However, hearing from the words of Empress Wei, the Emperor doesnt seem like he was “addicted” to the pills to such an uncontrollable extent.

Qin Jiu knew that medicines in this era were mostly made with cinnabar, and its poisonous.

There were a lot of emperors seeked to prolong his own life and would consume it.

However, none of them lived a long life.

“Aunt,” Qin Jiu frowned, and asked, “Have you let the imperial physician review the prescription of these pills”

“The imperial physician have tested them, and concluded that they werent poisonous.” Empress Wei sighed.

Anything that was consumed by the Emperor needed to be checked by an expert, similarly, the pills were also examined.

If the pills were poisonous, Empress Wei would have never compromised.

Empress Wei furrowed her brows out of anxiety.

Fourteen years ago, when the Emperor was still a prince, he was nearly abolished by the former emperor.

After that, it was at the strong requests of the civil and military officials, the former emperor only then reluctantly accepted the request.

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