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The emperor calmly raised his eyebrows, a ray of light swifted past his eyes, he then looked at Qin Jiu again.

Qin Jiu had been staying in the palace for quite some days, and the emperor had seen her around for a few times.

From his observation, Qin Jius personality was docile and well-behaved.

She suffered so much in the rural village for the past 10 years, once she returned to the Qin family, she didnt even rant or blame the others for the tough life she had gone through.

For what she experienced, she should be able to adapt to Duke Duans complicated family and wouldnt quarrel with the crown princes wife.

Most importantly, Gu Zhe Zhi seemed to care about this little girl.

It is possible!

The emperor secretly thought to himself: If the marriage was successful, he could also fulfill his uncle, Duke Duans favour.

Wait for a moment……something isnt right !

The emperors finger suddenly stopped rubbing on the jade ring.

Duke Duan is the former emperors brother, Gu Zhe Zhi is his cousin, but the girl, Qin Jiu, should address him as her uncle!

The emperor pursed his lips in frustration, he turned around and said to Gu Zhe Zhi: “Jiu should address you as uncle from now on.”

Gu Zhe Zhi: “……”

Qin Jiu: “……”

Qin Jiu ran through the family tree in her head, and agreed with the emperor.

As she was going to nod her head, Gu Zhe Zhi smiled and said: “Big brother is fine.”

Qin Jiu: As long youre happy, Im fine with any name!

The emperor kept quiet, he stared at Gu Zhe Zhi for a moment, and had no idea what his words meant.

He seemingly sensed that something was not quite right.

Should Gu Zhe Zhi follow Jiu and address him as uncle, or should Jiu follow Gu Zhe Zhi and address him as brother

“Zhe Zhi……” the emperor was worried, as he was about to speak, his chest suddenly felt a scorching burn, and he uncontrollably coughed.


His cough was somewhat unstoppable, and he coughed on continuously for four and five times, each louder than the one before.

The prince of Bei Yan, Ye Lu Luan calmly looked at the emperor, scanning through the emperors face, his blue eyes slightly squinted, deep in thought.

Gu Zhe Zhi kept the fan in his sleeves, and his fingers quickly pressed on the acupoint on the emperors back.

The emperors cough immediately stopped.

He took the napkin that the head eunuch, Zhou Zin, had passed to him, pressed it against his lips, and talked to Ye Lu Luan as if nothing happened: “Once the weather turns cold, the itch in my throat just becomes too unbearable”

The emperor looked fine, it seemed like that cough was because of his itchy throat.

Only Gu Zhe Zhi noticed that the emperors left hand that was placed by his side was trembling badly.

“Father.” At this moment, the second prince, Gu Jing said worriedly, his face looked concerned, “Are you experiencing discomfort because of the windy weather”

Ye Lu Luan raised his eyebrows and looked at the emperor, he looked deeply concerned.

The emperor was nearly angered by his stupid son, he could only stay calm and replied: “I just choked on the cold wind, Im fine.”

“You cant take this lightly.” Gu Jing quickly replied, his brows furrowed, “Father, your health means a lot to the country.

All these years, your health has been deteriorating, Im very  worried.”

“These imperial physicians are overly conservative, I suggest seeking treatment from a famous physician in Jiang Nan, what do you think, father”

Emperor: “……”


Ye Lu Luans gaze was doubtful, he thought to himself: Is the emperor terminally ill

“Sister.” Gu Zhe Zhi interrupted Ye Lu Luans thought, he smiled and urged Qin Jiu: “You didnt bring it over”



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