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Qin JIu smiled and said: “ This is just a rough-design of it.”

Indeed, it could be refined!

Qin Jiu only knew the general concept and design of the compound bow, she was taking a wild guess, coupled with the amazing understanding of the craftsmen, and they collaboratively came out with version 1.0 of the compound bow.

There was still a huge gap in comparison with the bow from the later generations, it was simply just adding rollers to make it less exhausting.

But, Qin Jiu understood Gu Zhe Zhis intentions.

Qin Jiu remembered that in the novel, Bei Yan and Da Qi had been enemies over the generations.

Although they have signed an armistice covenant, they were still defensive of each other.

If Prince Bei Yan discovers that the emperors health had been deteriorating in recent years, Bei Yan would inevitably raise a war against Da Qi.

Initially, the emperor had already covered up the issue,but…….

Qin Jiu glanced at the second prince, in the novel, he was not that stupid, is it because he was still young, or that, he had been living an overly comfortable life, and has the halo of the male protagonist, that he didnt get the emperors signal

Qin Jius gaze moved left, in the backlight, Gu Zhe Zhi was standing with his hands behind him, the corner of his lips was smiling.

Since the emperors condition couldnt be kept a secret anymore, Gu Zhe Zhi wanted to let Ye Lu Luan have a peek at their military capabilities To demotivate Bei Yans ambition.

However, this bow was not even a semi-finished product, it was made to make her cousin happy.

The durability of this gear hasnt been tested yet so it wasnt possible to mass produce it.

There was still a long process ahead until it could be introduced in the army.

Obviously, this wasnt a suitable timing, Qin Jiu just stood there quietly and acted innocent.

Then, she saw the emperor keep her bow.

Qin Jiu: “……”

The emperor was in a good mood, thinking that he should inform the empress, to reward Jiu for her creation.

Everyone gathered and politely sent off the emperor.

Until the emperor disappeared from their gaze, only then the noble ladies relaxed and continued on with their activities.

At half past 11, a palace maid came over and told them: “The royal second princess, its time.”

Xin An hurriedly responded, and everyone followed the palace maid to the Ci Ning palace.

When they arrived at the Ci Ning place, they were just in time.

Empress Wei was leading a group of concubines including the imperial noble consort Yang to congratulate the empress dowager, they also presented their own gifts, followed by several elder princesses and the emperors princesses, and subsequently the ladies from the other residences.

The atmosphere in the Ci Ning palace was solemn, yet lively.

After the session ended, an hour and half had passed.

Everyone was relieved, and stepped out from the palace to attend the banquet.

Yet for Qin Jiu, she was called by Madam Xu and summoned to the side hall of Ci Ning palace.

There was a lot of commotion happening in the hall.

Empress Wei, noble consort Yang and the other elder princesses were accompanying Empress Dowager Liu.

The dowager that was 50 years old today was sitting on a heated brick bed, there were white strands of hair showing, but her fair skin was well-cared for, she looked much younger than her actual age.

The priest, Yun Guang, who was holding a hossu, was standing on Dowager Lius side.

She still had her sagelike features,and just by standing there, she felt that the priest would drift away anytime now.

Yun Guang saw Qin Jiu, the moment both of their eyes met, the hossu in her hand trembled slightly.



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