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Empress Dowager Liu asked Qin Jiu eagerly: “Is it really exactly the same”

“Yes, Empress Dowager.” Qin Jiu nodded with agreement.

“At that time, all the famous doctors in the county went to see Master Cheng, so everyone in our county knows that Master Cheng looked exactly like this before he passed away……”

Qin Jiu glanced at Yun Guang again, with a look of horror, as if she had seen a ghost.

“I……Im okay.” Yun Guang had wiped off the saliva from the corners of her mouth with a handkerchief, she was holding back the pain, but her body was still twitching slightly, she didnt fool anyone there.

Qin Xin frowned slightly, she was hesitant to speak, but in the end, she still kept silent.

Empress Dowager Liu couldnt care about the other people at all, she looked at Yun Guang with a piercing gaze, the more she looked at her, the more suspicious she got.

She asked Qin Jiu again: “Qin Jiu, when the poison enters the body, are there any symptoms”

Qin Jiu furrowed her delicate brows, “wrecked her brain” to recall, then she stroked her palms excitedly: “Thats right! The old priest also said that the evil poison in the body will also cause ones back to grow thin and red bumps.

Spreading everywhere and it looked flaming red.”

When Empress Wei heard these words, her hand that was holding on to the handkerchief tightly clenched, her gaze darkened.

Empress Dowager Liu quickly ordered the madam next to her: “Madam Wang, go look at Yun Guangs back!”

Madam Wang walked over with two palace maids.

At this time, it didnt matter if Yun Guang was willing or not.

The two maids held down Yun Guang, and Madam Wang personally lifted her clothes.

She saw rashes on the back of her neck, spreading to her back, and her back was red as if she had been burned in fire.

Madam Wang was so shocked that she hurried back to report to Empress Dowager Liu: “Empress dowager, she does have red rashes!”

Empress Dowager Liu: “……”

On one hand, she couldnt believe what was happening before her, but she also knew that it was the truth.

The various symptoms showed that there was clearly poison in Yun Guangs body!

Empress Dowager Liu calmed down and asked: “Qin Jiu, the old priest said that if the alchemy was not done right, what was made is not a pill, but a poison.

After a person takes it, the evil poison will enter the persons body.

The evil poison would hurt the body, one would collapse just like how tiny ant holes would destroy the nest, gradually swallowing one in whole.

Once the poison reaches the heart, ones gums will be red and swollen, the mouth will rot, the corners of the mouth will drool, and it will be accompanied by abdominal pain, spasm, dizziness……”

Empress Dowager Liu repeated what Qin Jiu had just said.

Qin Jiu nodded, her small face was both surprised and confused, “Yun Guang should have a powerful mana and skills, the effects shouldnt be so detrimental for her.

The old priest said that only those who didnt know anything about alchemy would come out with these types ofpoison pill.”

Empress Dowager Liu got more afraid after thinking about this: Is it possible that priest Yun Guang is not a priest, but a demon

Empress Dowager Liu couldnt believe it, her gaze was filled with horror when she looked at Yun Guang.

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