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In her last life, Qin Xin had only heard of this incident as a mere tale, until she was reborn, she met Yun Guang again.

This should be Yun Guangs goriest moments, she was deeply favored by Empress Dowager Liu and was fairly reputable in the capital.

Qin Xin didnt act hastily.

She waited until the marquesss elder lady gave birth to the child then she only went to look for Yun Guang……

As she was holding onto Yun Guangs secret, Yun Guang naturally obeyed her commands.

But now……

It was clear that Yun Guang would still do well for at least five years from now, how could this happen!

Qin Xin sat there gracefully, but she felt frustrated.

If Yun Guang was exposed, would it affect her

Qin Xin felt uneasy and turned her anger towards Qin Jiu.

This was all Qin Jius fault!

In her previous life, because of Qin Jius return, she was driven out of the Marquesss Mansion.

In this life, shes again meddling with her plans!

“Here comes the Emperor!”

With the imperial servants notice, the emperor walked in with large strides.

Everyone got up and bowed.

Before the emperor bowed at Empress Dowager Liu, she hurriedly ushered him to sit down and instructed the imperial physician to look into the emperors pulse.

The emperor followed Empress Dowager Lius instructions obediently and sat down.

“Emperor,” Empress Wei explained what was happening to the emperor, and said, “Thanks to the Empress Dowagers vigilance, otherwise we would all be deceived by Yun Guang.”

Just the thought of it made Empress Dowager Liu shudder with fear.

Imperial Noble Consort Liu clenched her fists, as if a fire was burning in her heart.

When did the Empress become so treacherous, what did she mean by “thanks to the Empress Dowagers vigilance”, she cant fool her, it was clear that she was the one who planned this! She was now praising the Empress Dowager for her wise decisions, so that it was useless for her to even mention that something felt wrong about this whole incident.

Whoever spoke up for Yun Guang now would be against the Empress Dowager!

The imperial physician listened to the emperors pulse for a while, and said: “The emperors pulse is weak, his blood circulation is too slow along with depleted Qi and excessive toxins in his body.

I will prescribe a Coptis chinensis detox drink, take it for a few days and he will get better soon.”

In other words, the Emperor is also poisoned, but his condition wasnt as serious for the time being.

The Emperor comforted Empress Dowager Liu and said, “As long as I stop taking that elixir and drink the medicine for a few days, I will be fine.”

Empress Dowager Liu nodded, and hurriedly replied, “Yun Guang is an evil cultivator.

The elixir that she gave you must not be taken anymore.

Imperial Noble Consort, you……”

Empress Dowager Liu was about to tell Imperial Noble Consort Liu to pay more attention to this, to keep a close eye on the Emperor and stop him from taking the elixir, but after a second thought, Imperial Noble Consort Liu wanted to plead for the evil cultivators forgiveness just now, this matter must not be handed over to her.

Empress Dowager Liu changed her words and said: “Empress, you keep a close eye on the Emperor for me, those elixirs should be destroyed as soon as possible.”

Empress Wei responded gently.

Seeing that time was almost up, the Emperor invited Empress Dowager Liu to the banquet together, so everyone got up, followed behind them both, and went towards Bao He Hall.

As they walked, they listened to Empress Dowager Liu in front of them angrily telling the Emperor that he had to keep an eye on Jing Zhao Yin, and to make sure that the trial runs smoothly so that the evil cultivator, Yun Guang wasnt so easily left off the hook!

The emperor agreed to her requests calmly because of his good temper.

Empress Wei never hid secrets from him.

The emperor knew that the Empress never wanted him to take the elixirs, and even quarreled with the Empress Dowager Liu because of this.

It was also to ease the conflict between the two that the Emperor agreed to take the elixir.

After knowing Empress Weis plan, he let her execute it as she had wished.

The Empress didnt mean to frame Yun Guang, she just pushed Yun Guang towards Empress Dowager Liu, she secretly added a few more doses of the elixir in Yun Guangs meal.

If this elixir was poisonous, Yun Guang would bear the consequences herself.

It was written in the ancient medicine dictionary that these toxins were caused by long-term consumption of inferior elixirs, and the accumulation of these toxins would lead to ulcers.

If the skin is cracked and damaged, the effects of the toxin would be accelerated, leading to an acute poisoning.

Therefore, these days, the elixirs were not only added into Yun Guangs daily meals, but also heaty food, which would make her mouth and tongue sore, so that the poison would invade her body even more easily.



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