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“Third lady” The mama bowed at Qin Jiu and said: “According to the rules in the residence, each season there will be four sets of outfits and one set of head accessories prepared for you.

You returned not long ago, hence the eight sets are all prepared, all these are gifts from the lady.”

The eight servants that she brought over stood in two lines, each of them holding a set of clothing.

Qin Jiu glanced over at the clothes.

Moon white, olive green, light yellow, bright yellow, lilac, snow green, amber and pine green.

The eight colors were very simple yet elegant, the workmanship and embroidery skills were very delicate as well.

She only stayed in the palace for ten days, it wasnt easy to try all the eight sets of clothes in such a short timeframe.

Qin Jiu pursed her lips, and randomly picked out a moon white set, she immediately noticed that they were changes made to the hem of the skirt.

Du Ruo squinted her eyes, as she had been in the palace for a long time, she had witnessed all kinds of dirty tricks.

At a glance, she immediately knew what was wrong.

In order to deal with Qin Jiu, Mrs Su merely instructed the seamstress to make minor changes to dresses that the other girls hadnt worn in the past.

It looks like Mrs Su had prepared eight sets of winter clothes for her niece, and was generous enough that no one would dare say that she was mistreating Qin Jiu.

However, secretly, she was trying to make things difficult for Qin Jiu.

Du Ruo laughed in a mocking manner, she said to Qin Jiu: “Mistress, is the Marquess residence mourning in remembrance of a certain someone The Empress never mentioned anything about it.”

“Hahaha.” Qin Jiu burst out laughing.

The mamas expression turned awkward.

Qin Jiu suppressed her laughter and said solemnly: “ No one is mourning.”

Du Ruo continued: “Then the person in charge must have been scammed and brought back obsolete pieces from the fabric store.

Look at the flower patterns and the eight auspicious and tangled pomegranate flowers on it, theyre so not in trend.

“……” The mama kept quiet.

Du Ruo sighed, “Fortunately, the Empress made some clothes for you.

Otherwise, if you wore these pieces out, outsiders might think that something happened in the Marquess residence and that youre mourning.”

Qin Jiu felt that what she said was right, and didnt even try the clothes on, she instructed the mama to place the pieces down somewhere and sent her away.

Du Ruo quickly instructed the servants to place the clothes in the storeroom.

time, the mistress could give these away as rewards.

She didnt stop there as she started to arrange Qin Jius belongings that she had brought from the palace, she then took out the book that Qin Jiu was reading in Feng Luan palace and proceeded to arrange the fruit and snack plates.

The items from the palace, from its plates, saucers, cabinets and snacks, each one looked exquisite and delicate.

Qin Jiu casually sat by the window, she read her book as she enjoyed some snacks relaxedly.

At times like these, as long as she had someone capable with her, her life would be so much easier!

Life before modernization was so simple, it would be even more perfect if the female lead stopped messing with her again!

Qin Jiu thought to herself happily while she read her book and munched on some snacks.

In the evening, the second class maids served dinner, and placed the dishes all nicely on the table.

Every lady in the residence had four dishes and one bowl of soup for dinner.

Todays dinner was boiled vegetables, fermented eggplants, roasted carp with watercress and green onion, braised cabbage with shrimp, mushroom and wolfberry chicken soup.

Four dishes and one bowl of soup, a balanced diet, and each dish looked delicious.

Du Ruo personally served the dishes to Qin Jiu, after having a few bites, she noticed something off.

The boiled vegetables were too salty.

The fermented eggplants were undercooked

The roasted fish wasnt meaty and there were too many bones in it.

Qin Jiu put down her chopsticks and furrowed her brows, she knew that it was Mrs Sus idea because she chased away Xia Lian.

Du Ruo looked at her and immediately knew what was wrong, she quickly picked up a pair of clean chopsticks and tried the dishes, she didnt even swallow the food in her mouth and had already spit them in an empty bowl.

Du Ruo put down her chopsticks with a loud thump, her black eyes were raging with anger, and said: “Ill return to the palace to complain tomorrow morning.”

The head maid, Chun Xi and the other servants heard this, their pupils shrunk as they stared at the tip of their shoes in silence.



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