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If it werent for this, how could she be this fearless! Qin Xin squeezed her fist, her eyes darkened, as she gritted her teeth, “One thousand taels of silver.”

Yun Guang coughed hoarsely, then raised her hand and wiped the blood stains from the corner of her mouth with her sleeves, and said mockingly: “Second mistress Qin, your position as the  second princes concubine is only worth one thousand taels”

Qin Xin bit her lip as she raised her hand to say “three”, “three thousand taels.”

“Ten thousand taels!” Yun Guang said in a demanding tone.

“Ten thousand!” Qin Xin blurted out in shock, “Where am I going to get so much silver from!”

Her monthly allowance was only twenty taels, even if she pawned some of her jewelry and antiques that were not of much use anymore, it could only make up to around three thousand taels.

Its daylight robbery!

Yun Guang was reluctant to negotiate further, she leaned back and laid against the wall lazily, coughing from time to time.

Qin Xin became even more anxious seeing her remain silent, her face sank, “Priest Yunguang, I really cant get ten thousand taels of silver, even if you force me, its still impossible.”

“Ten thousand taels.” Yun Guang insisted, with a creepy sneer on her pale face, “You can easily borrow ten thousand taels by using your identity as the second princes concubine.

Without ten thousand taels, I wont cooperate.”

Yun Guang glared at Qin Xin, she hated Qin Xin from the bottom of her heart.

If it wasnt because Qin Xin held something against her and forced her to humiliate Qin Jiu in the Shenghua Pavilion, she wouldnt have offended Qin Jiu and of course wouldnt be locked up in prison along with her reputation that went down the drain.

Qin Xin: “……”

Qin Xin stared directly at Yun Guang, with a dark look in her eyes.

Yun Guang looked right back at her, she had no intention to back down.

“Okay!” In the end, Qin Xin gritted her teeth and accepted, “Ten thousand it is.”

“Second mistress Qin, even though Im in this state, I do still have a few good friends around.” Yun Guang said slowly.

Her words meant that if Qin Xin dared to play any tricks, or try to kill her, someone will naturally expose the matter, and Qin Xin wont be any better off.

Qin Xin clenched her fist tightly and squeezed her voice out from the gap between her teeth: “Since I agreed to your terms, Ill keep to my words.

Give me five days!

Yun Guang also didnt want to force her too much, its better than if everyone loses out, and she wouldnt get anything out of this, she nodded in response: “If youve successfully gathered all the silver, go to Xuan Qing Guan and pass it to……”

Yun Guang uttered a name, and Qin Xin took note of it.

She didnt want to stay here any longer.

If it werent because she felt anxious about the demands that Yunguang would ask for, she wouldnt have come in person, she was scared that this matter would be leaked out if the message was reported to her.

Now that the talk was finally over, Qin Xin left in a hurry after saying “keep your promise”, not forgetting to tighten the cloth wrapped around her head.

She walked out of the jail in Jingzhao Manor, she bribed the head of the jail with some silver and then walked into a remote alley.

In the alley, a carriage was waiting silently in a corner.

In front of the carriage, the maid, Shu Xiang, was anxiously looking around.

When she saw her, she quickly stepped forward and helped her into the carriage.

“Back to the Hou Mansion.”

Qin Xin commanded, and the carriage left the alley.

On the carriage, Shu Xiang served Qin Xin to change into another outfit, and tidied her hair along with some emerald beads and earrings.

Soon, Qin Xin turned into her normal lady-like self, she looked like a completely different person.

Qin Xins heart was heavy, she only had five days, where is she going to get ten thousand silvers from!

Its all Qin Jius fault, if Qin Jiu didnt appear, she wouldnt be stuck in such a tough position now!

Qin Xin was in a daze, she was annoyed and confused, Shu Xiang could tell that her master was in a bad mood, so she just quietly sat aside.

“Shu Xiang, head home tomorrow.” After a while, Qin Xin slightly calmed down, and ordered, “I have three deeds, one is for the villages in Shunping town, and the other is for the shops on Dabu Street, and also the 100 acres of land in JingXi along with some jewelry, let your father sell them off for me.”

“Okay.” Shu Xiang replied, and then hesitated, “Miss, do you really want to sell them all If the mistress knows about this……”



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