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Qin Zening said angrily: “It seems like Jiu was too easy on you!”

Qin Zeyu: “……”

Qin Zening applied more medicated ointment onto Qin Zeyu casually, and said: “Also, you’re not allowed to use maids here anymore! Do you hear me!!”

“It wasn’t my idea.” Qin Zeyu muttered.

He came back in a hurry, and his servants were all still at the Songfeng Academy.

There were already two more maids in his yard when he returned, it wasn’t his fault.

He didn’t even remember what they looked like!

“Whether or not you were aware about this, if I see a maid here again, I’ll beat you.” Qin Zening said without a doubt, “I was too lenient towards you before!”

His younger sister said that if a “bear” brat wasn’t being obedient, punish the kid, and if one time isn’t enough, do it again! But…… why is he referred to as a “bear” brat

Qin Zening didn’t understand why, he decided to just let it be.

Anyway, what his sister said was right.

Qin Zening continued: “Tomorrow, you and I will go to the Jian An Bo Mansion.”

Songfeng Academy’s teaching style was very strict and had many requirements prior to accepting a student.

Qin Zening originally wanted to send his younger brother there to help with his temper, so he asked for Jian An Bo’s help.

Now that his younger brother had dropped out of school only after a few months in the academy, he had to drop by and apologize in person.

“Big brother!” Qin Zeyu wanted to say that he didn’t want to go, but Qin Zening glared at him and he kept quiet obediently as he was scared of being beaten again.

Upon seeing his younger brother being afraid, the more Qin Zening felt that his younger sister was right.

He should’ve punished him more in the past!

After applying the medicine, Qin Zeyu changed into a lake-blue colored robe with auspicious cloud patterns on it, he combed his hair, and tidied himself.

He looked fresh and turned back into the handsome and tall young man again.

It was this young man who so easily screamed in pain.

“I’ll be on duty today.” Qin Zening warned, “Stay at home and don’t run around.”

Qin Zeyu gloomily responded, he was suddenly reminded of something, and said: “By the way, big brother, when I went to the Fu Lai pawn shop yesterday……”

“Why did you go to the pawnshop” Qin Zening frowned.

“Listen to me first!” Qin Zeyu said quickly, afraid that he would ask more on this, “I saw a gold-inlaid jade bracelet at the pawnshop, it looked like mother’s!”

Qin Zening’s expression condensed, “Are you sure”

“I’m sure!” Qin Zeyu patted his chest and assured him, “I’ve seen it on mother’s portrait before, it’s exactly the same.”

Qin Zening looked at him suspiciously.

Qin Zeyu once again assured him that he did take a clear look at it.

He almost swore to the gods, and he started to misbehave again, as if all that he went through just now were thrown out his mind.

“Really! Big brother, do you think it’s Qin Jiu……” Qin Zeyu gulped, his tongue turned awkwardly, “Ahem, did the third sister pawn it”

Qin Zening glared at him, and said, “Jiu just returned, she doesn’t even know where our mother’s dowry is.

Look at yourself, and you say that you’re smart, only one word can be used to describe you- stupid!

Qin Zeyu: “……”

“Tomorrow.” Qin Zening said, “Tomorrow I’ll head to the pawnshop with you.”

So, early the next morning, Qin Zeyu brought Qin Zening to the Fu Lai pawnshop, which was at the west side of the capital, and Qin Jiu was also with them.

Qin Zeyu was punished by Qin Jiu yesterday and he still felt awkward around her.

He didn’t want to bring Qin Jiu along at all, but Qin Zening said, “This is our mother’s dowry, and Jiu is our mother’s daughter!”

Qin Zeyu gave in.


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