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At that time, Lady Wei from the eldest branch had just passed.

Qin Zening just turned eight and Qin Zeyu was only two years old.

As they were still too young, Lady Wei’s dowry was sealed and kept by Elder Lady Qin.

According to the rules, this dowry would be divided into three and equally given to Lady Wei’s children.

However, Qin Zening said at the time, that half of his mother’s dowry would be given to his younger sister and the other half to his younger brother.

He was the eldest brother, he didn’t need it.

At the end of each year, Elder Lady Qin would ask the steward to show them the account books to these properties.

Later, Qin Xin said that she wanted Elder Lady Qin to teach her how to understand the accounts, so Qin Zening never took care of this matter again.

Elder Lady Qin’s private assets were quite plentiful, and she didn’t need her daughter-in-law’s dowry.

Therefore, when Qin Zening saw the gold-inlaid jade bracelet at the Fulai pawnshop, he was quite sure that this was Qin Xin’s doings.

He didn’t hide this from Qin Jiu, and said, “I didn’t think much about it at the time…..

Who knew I would be indirectly helping to raise a tiger!”

Qin Zening’s voice sounded slightly annoyed.

He never doubted Qin Xin’s background before, and he completely believed her, and assuredly handed Lady Wei’s dowry to Qin Xin.

Qin Zening was never a person who would be caught up by the past.

He drank the cup of tea in one sip, calmed down, and said: “Since grandmother can’t care for our mother’s dowry, then we should retrieve it and take matters to our own hands.”

“After some time, we’ll wait for the right timing to break up the family between the eldest branch and the Marquess Mansion, we’ll live on our own.”

Qin Zening believed that he could bring honour to the eldest branch’s family name, but their grandmother was still alive.

If he insisted on splitting the family, let’s not even talk about the second uncle, the clan wouldn’t even agree.

That’s why he must wait for the right time!

Qin Zening spoke, Qin Jiu listened, and poured more tea for Qin Zening.

Qin Zeyu was cracking some sunflower seeds as he listened.

When he heard Qin Zening mention “splitting the family”, he subconsciously wanted to interrupt him and his thin lips were ajar, but in the end, he swallowed back his words.


He vented his anger onto another sunflower seed.

Qin Jiu glanced at Qin Zeyu, and thought to herself: Well, this brat is actually behaving after that punishment!

Qin Jiu’s scrutinizing gaze made Qin Zeyu quiver.

He quickly sat up with his back straight, his ugly and improper sitting position before completely disappeared.

Qin Zening couldn’t help but laugh out loud.

Qin Zeyu’s ears turned bright red, and he felt that his pride as the Fifth Lord Qin might not be restored anytime soon.

Soon, the waiter served their hot meals.

The lunch went by rather peacefully.

After finishing their lunch, Qin Zening settled the bill and said, “Jiu, I’ll send you back first.

I have to bring this kid to visit the Jian Ning Bo Mansion.”

They were going to apologize to them, but he couldn’t let his younger sister bow down to someone for Qin Zeyu, this brat.

“Big brother, don’t send me back.

I want to walk around the capital.” Qin Jiu had been in the capital for so many days, but she didn’t get the chance to even walk around.

“Don’t worry, I’ll head back after a while.”

Qin Zening hesitated for a while, the capital was quite safe, no one would dare to cause trouble, so he didn’t object.

“You should head back early, or not, four hours later, you can wait for us in this restaurant, and we’ll head home together.” Qin Zening said as he stuffed all the silvers he had to Qin Jiu, “Just spend, if it’s not enough, just credit it under my name.”

Qin Jiu took the money with a smile, and watched Qin Zening drag the unwilling Qin Zeyu away.

Qin Jiu walked aimlessly along the street towards another direction.

It was a prosperous capital.

On both sides of Huachang Street where she was at, there were many shops and restaurants, and bustling sounds of vendors shouting, people talking and walking, the scene was very lively and she was dazzled by it.

It was the end of October, even if the weather was cold, the sun was shining bright today.

Walking under the glistening sun, her whole body felt warm and cosy.

Everything was new to Qin Jiu.

She carried a small basket and bought straw grasshoppers, purses, sachets and many more.

She then bought a mini windmill from a stall and Qin Jiu started to blow at it, and the windmill started to spin along……


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