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1257 1257: Facing His Nightmares

Feng Chens assets were frozen by the Union Bank.

Feng Yun and Feng Chi left while Feng Jing was gone…

They merely kidnapped Ling Siqi, who was a nobody.

How was it that a billion-dollar company would suddenly be destroyed in one night

Either way, they shouldnt have listened to Feng Jing when they were living a luxurious life in Country Z.

They shouldnt have sold everything and moved to the Central.

When they migrated, their familys assets had already been reduced by 30%.

All these years, even though they looked glorious on the surface, they were only starting to earn money.


Feng had no idea what would happen in the future.

She could only hope that Feng Chens surgery would be a success.

He had skills and would definitely be able to make a living even if they returned to Country Z.

As for the three children, she could only pretend that she never gave birth to them.


Feng immediately gave out news about what the Union Bank had done to their family.

However, none of the media in the Central had the guts to report it.

Fortunately, not everyone was afraid of the Hess family.

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For example, there was one media company that was influential in the Central and usually close to the Hess family.

However, they took a different stance when this happened.

They took the money from Mrs.

Feng and released the news about how the Union Bank had illegally frozen all the assets of the Feng family.

Following the downfall of the Medical Federation, the Union Bank was next.

The Union Bank was known to be one of the safest banks, and no hackers in the world would be able to breach their system.

They would not be affected by any country.

This was why most of the mafias decided to set up an account with them.

However, this news got out and showed the world that the best bank in the world could freeze anyones account as they pleased.

This was shocking to most people.

This caused most people to withdraw their money from the Union Bank.

The Union Bank had always been famous for having one of the richest financial accounts.

Most of the money would be placed into fixed deposits, and the banks would then use this money for investment.

If there was anyone who wanted to withdraw money, the Union Bank would still have a large customer base where they could take money from to give it to another customer.

The Union Bank also had the support of the Hess family.

They were one that was known to invest in aircraft, firearms, cruise, logistics, manufacturing, and even in the service line.

This was a family that was loaded.

This was why the Union bank never had a competitor.

However, on this faithful day, there were up to 70% of their customers who wanted a refund.

These were people who were rich, and their transactions were worth billions.

The Union Bank was suddenly caught off guard.

Who was trying to mess with the Hess family

“It must be Feng Chen.”

Hawkins stood in the center of the room that was filled with the elders from the Hess family, looking furious.

The man who usually triumphs in the room was now like a child.

His eyes were moving everywhere as the elders all had their eyes on him.

The man sitting in the center questioned him, “Why did you go after the Fengs Dont you know that we dont have enough people working for us, especially those who are loyal! The Fengs sold everything and moved to the Central for us.

They used to be one of the strongest families in Country Z!”

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