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1258 1258: Pulling in the Sharks

“You did something so dirty to a family of such status, how would the other families look at us now”

Eddie Hesss expressions were as cold as ice as he glared at Hawkins.

The man standing opposite him was like a child.

He couldnt even look Eddie Hess in the eyes.


“I am the director,” Eddie answered in a low tone.

“Director, Elders, this is indeed my fault.

I gave them the chance to talk behind our backs, but I promise that I will fix this.

I will not give them any more chances to speak ill of our family.

Elder Jiali, who was also Hawkinss mother, spoke up, “The issue with the Union Bank started because of the Feng family.

Hawkins, if you could fix things with the Feng family and not make everyone feel that we are heartless, there would be a solution to the problems faced by Union Bank now.”

“Yes, Mother.”

“You are to fix this problem on your own.

If you fail, you will be revoked from your position as the director of the Medical Federation.”

“Yes, Sir,” Hawkins answered obediently.

He thought that this would be the end.

The Hess family had lots of investments.

The Union Bank that his mother was responsible for, as well as the Medical Federation that he had, were only one of the few that generated money for the family.

However, just as he was about to leave, he heard Eddie asking him, “The Medical Federation is a minor issue.

What is the situation with Zhan Lichuan now”

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When Jiali heard the name Zhan Lichuan, her mind exploded with rage.

She didnt want to speak about Jiamo.

Hawkins smiled as he explained himself, “Sir, I dont think we should pay any attention to Zhan Lichuan.

I have no idea if Di Jinqian is telling the truth or not.

If she is telling the truth, Zhan Lichuan may belong to the Hess family, and my mother is the one who killed his mother.

Why would I still go through so much trouble to get Jinqian to join the Medical Federation Wouldnt I be digging my own grave”

The rest of the elders nodded their heads and said, “Sir, I think that Hawkins is right.

Whether or not they belong to the Hess family, Hawkins wouldnt be the one who tried to harm her.”

“Thats right.

Zhan Lichuan may not be the richest man in Country Z, but Di Jinqian is the daughter of the richest man.

Plus, their fortunes would not be divided according to their status at home.

It is according to their backgrounds.

If we have to compare them with their financial status, the Ops Corporates that belong to Zhan Lichuan would be at the same level as the Qingyan Corporates.”

“Sir, I suggest that we send our men to get Zhan Lichuans DNA.

If he is indeed the son of Miss Jiamo, we will then gain another strong investor in the family.

We will then be able to win over the AO2.”

“Thats right.

I did research on them, and the Ops Corporates is now worth 5 trillion.

They are also developing in the same manner as AO2.

Plus, Zhan Lichuan has been rewarded with multiple awards for his advanced technology.

Forget about the rest, but the tanks and fire trucks that he has designed recently are one of the best creations weve seen.”

“I would also like to say that I have a feeling that if he continues to progress this way, he will then become a strong powerhouse like the AO2.

Other than creations for firearms, the Ops Corporates do have the same skill set as AO2.”

Then, one of the elders scoffed, “The issue that we are facing now with the Union Bank must be related to AO2 as well.”


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