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Chapter 1412: Whom Had She Offended

And the exchange students from here were the third year elites from the top four academies.

In spite of this, they still could not beat the few chosen juniors from a single school.

The whole class turned to look at Zhang Xiaoying.

Zhang Xiaoying: “…”

Whom had she offended Why were they all looking at her for!

“Since Lu Man won the Chinese Arts Championships, its natural that all our schools would pin our hopes on her.

The school hopes that in case we lose, at least it wont be by a great margin.

The leaders of the academies arent certain whether Lu Man can beat the students there, but as the champion of the Chinese Arts Championships, if she cant do it, what about the others To put it plainly, they have much less hope since Lu Man did fight her way to the top against students of all year levels among the nations performing schools.

This equates to her being the first in our local entertainment industry.

“So, Lu Man is crucial to the exchange competition this time.

This decision is not just the go-ahead from our school to Lu Man, its a combined decision from discussions by the leaders of the top four academies with the exchange places.

Or do you all think that the leaders of the top four schools are giving special treatment to Lu Man Dont forget, our four schools have a competitive relationship.

Whos willing to let a student from another school occupy the spot for nothing Whos not willing to take that freed-up spot for their school and let one more of their own student expand their horizon

“But the leaders unanimously decided to leave the spot for Lu Man precisely because she is irreplaceable! Rather than freeing up the spot and switching to another student, theyd rather let Lu Man retain it.

Or else, itll be a waste no matter who they give it to!” Teacher Liangs words cut straight to the point while she was also looking directly at Lu Qi and Yu Jingxian.

Yu Jingxians face was burning from her embarrassment.

So Teacher Liang was implying that giving her the spot would be a waste

Then again, what could she say

As someone who could not even make it to the schools top ten representatives in the Chinese Arts Championships, how could she compare to the champion of the Chinese Arts Championships

Everyone then knew that Lu Mans going was actually decided on together by the four universities.

They all knew of the competitive relationship among the schools.

Theyd heard from the seniors who had gone on the New York University exchange that there was competition even among their team.

Everyone was ordered by their respective schools to not get beaten by the students from the other three schools.

Moreover, just as Teacher Liang said, if there was a freed-up spot, wouldnt the four schools do all they could to make it theirs and give their students another chance

But no one did this; they left it to Lu Man.

Lu Qi gritted her teeth in anger.

How was it that Lu Man was always so lucky

That all the good stuff was hers

Lu Qi said indignantly, “Teacher Liang, I disagree.

Its totally different being an exchange student for a year versus staying here and restricting oneself from growth.

Lu Man won the Chinese Arts Championships once, but we all are improving at the same time—especially those whore going for the exchange.

But Lu Mans remaining where she is, and its uncertain whether her standards will still supersede the other students by then.”

Many agreed in their hearts, feeling that Lu Qis words were reasonable.

“I dont like your words,” Teacher Liang said coldly.

“Do you mean that what we teach in our school cant be compared to that in New York University That studying in here for three years cant be matched by studying over there for a year”

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