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Even so, the schools leaders might not be thinking the same.

The moment Lu Man performed worse than usual, or did not meet the leaders expectation, the fault was to be Lu Mans.

If it was like this, it was actually better for Lu Man to join.

At least the others wouldnt be too pressured then.

If theres any problem, Lu Man could solve it.

If anything went wrong, Lu Man could shoulder the blame.

Its quite good.

Thus, not even mutterings of discussion existed.

“And so the list of names of this years exchange students is settled,” Teacher Liang said.

“Zhang Xiaoying, Han Leilei, come to my office later.

Ill tell you about the documents to be handed up.

Please submit them by this week to me.”

With that, Teacher Liang then continued speaking about some details of the new semester, and todays announcement came to an end.

Zheng Yuan and the others had already known about the schools decision for Lu Man to retain her spot, so they were not surprised.

And only Han Leilei managed to score third, so even if Lu Man still had her spot, Zheng Yuan and Pan Xue did not meet the criteria either, so they both had faced the matter calmly.

Apart from Han Leilei, only Zheng Yuan was the highest ranked and the one who could potentially fight for the spot.

Pan Xue knew extremely well where her standard was, so she never wanted to compete for the spot ever since the start.

Even Zheng Yuan said, “Pan Xue and I cant make it in anyways.

Obviously, we cant let others take advantage.

Its better for you and Han Leilei to occupy those slots.”

“But we have no idea when theyll come over for the exchange competition, or how the school will pick the team.

Is it only from our batch or from year ones all the way to year fours”

Lu Man shook her head.

“Principal Liu never told me either whether the New York students will be the same year as us or picked from their whole school.

It would probably be decided based on their line-up.

If they are chosen from the whole school, then our school will do it like that too.

If they picked only the juniors, then our side will do similarly.”

“Then were done for.

If we keep choosing the same as them, well lose for sure.” Pan Xue pursed her lips.

“Who led our tradition to become like this, all about fairness and not taking advantage of others” Han Leilei pursed her lips as well.

“Its all about the style.”

“Anyway, be it choosing from the whole school or according to the years, we dont have much chance of winning.

Either way, Lu Man has to go and the pressure is all on her,” Pan Xue said.

Surprisingly, Lu Man took it in stride.

“Im fine, actually.

As long as I try my best, theres not much to stress about.

Not to mention that weve never won once.

Did they seriously think that well win just because Im up Thats not possible.

Moreover, I dont know the NYU students well and have never seen them perform.

Its too early to say anything right now.”

The four of them chatted as they walked towards the school entrance.

During the summer break, Zheng Yuan and the other two rented a three-bedroom flat together for ease of work.

They paid the minimum rent of three months, which was a seasons worth of rent.

Theres a month left, and its a waste to not stay there, so the three decided to stay the month before going back to the dormitory.

When they reached the entrance, Lu Man asked the three of them to come into the car and ferried them back to their place.

Lu Man then went back to Yi Garden.

Since the matter of representing the school in both exchange competitions had been settled, Lu Man told Wang Juhuai and Xia Qingwei about it.

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