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Principal Min of Donghua Film Academy also said: “Lu Mans a really tough young girl, to shoulder such a big task at such a young age.

Though weve said that its not her responsibility, we cant control what others think.

I know that there are some who still pin the responsibility on Lu Man.

Lu Man has taken on a lot ever since she started.

No matter what the ending is, she deserves to be respected.”

“Thats right! Those who keep making wisecracks likewinning is expected or you deserve to lose should go and take on the challenge yourselves.

Why dont you ask your conscience if you have the guts to do the same under the same circumstances Do you have the courage to accept the task To put it simply, if you talk the talk, then you walk the walk! Dont put yourselves on a pedestal! If you cant do it, then you have no right to criticize Lu Man.”

“I always thought that to criticize someone, you should at least have the right—have the same ability as the other person before having the right to pinpoint her faults.

Or else, as someone whos worse than the other party, why do you deserve to look down on them”

Even so, there were some who still insisted, “What a joke.

Dont you yourself have a sense of how capable you are If you dared to take on the challenge, shouldnt you be prepared to shoulder the responsibility and get criticized as well When you win and the glorys yours, you can expect to be praised.

But when you lose, you cant stand being reprimanded Is the whole world your mother If you have such a fragile heart, then dont join the entertainment industry.”


If you dont have the capability, then dont accept the task.

If you took it on, then be mentally prepared.

Do you wish to want only the good stuff without paying anything for it”

“Whats wrong with these people Theyre too much! Did the four principals speak for nothing How unreasonable are they”

“Were reasonable! Its precisely because were reasonable and you all cant win with your logic that you all are starting to cry, isnt it”

“I really dont understand the mentality of these anti-fans.

Lu Mans fighting for the new generation of our local entertainment industry.

You all can just cheer her on if you all cant help.

Whats the point of dragging her down”

Lu Man thought for a moment before posting: “Their easy and grand words, [Only] issue from their mouths.

Their artful words, like organ-tongues, Show how unblushing are their faces.

Who are they They [are like men who] dwell on the banks of the river; And they have neither strength nor courage, While yet they rear the steps of disorder! With legs ulcerated and swollen, What courage can you have You form plans great and many, But your followers about you are few.1 —Im only fighting for my career.

Ive never cared about what the anti-fans thought.”

“Hahahahaha! My Man said it excellently!”

“My Man dominates!”

“I can understand the last line, but the ones in front… Any royal translators around”

“Yours truly is a language teacher, and Ive studied some ancient Chinese.

The poem came from Qiao Yan from the Lesser Court Hymns, and it is a famous paragraph among the ancient texts used for insult.

The general meaning is that when dealing with rumors, we can differentiate the truth from the false in our hearts.

Those blowing their own horns and being boastful waste no energy prattling on.

Their artful words sound beautiful and their actions are shameless and despicable.

Who are these people They dwell on the river banks, with neither strength nor courage, only creating chaos.

Their legs are swollen with sores, what bravery could you have You have so many schemes, but how many followers do you have”

“The person above is impressive!”

“Lu Mans impressive too to actually know those words!”

“These words are beyond apt to describe those anti-fans!”

“Thats right, those anti-fans are exactly sharp-tongued and despicable.

Theyre so brilliant at being keyboard warriors, but if you ask them to do anything, theyre first to chicken out.

They know only how to sow discord and become active whenever they spot something happening.

How disgusting!”

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