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Whoever handed over the recording would be as good as saying they did not want to continue working anymore.

It was not possible for Jiang Yujie to call out her colleagues like that, so she could only say it was from her friends.

Even with that, she still felt very scared.

Which father could accept that his own daughters moaning sounds were downloaded and kept by so many men

Of course Lu Qiyuan would not be able to take it.

However, he had to know what exactly was happening, so he told Jiang Yujie, “Okay.

You go get me a copy of it.”

“Yes.” Jiang Yujie walked away with her face still flushed.

Lu Qiyuan felt enraged just thinking about how shameless Lu Qi was.

Seeing how Jiang Yujies face actually turned red just from her mentioning the recording, he knew she probably felt too embarrassed to download it.

Yet Lu Qi could actually do such a thing with someone, even if that person was He Zhengbai.

He really could not understand.

Was this still his obedient and pure little daughter


Lu Qiyuan always felt that even though Lu Qi was in the entertainment industry, her management company belonged to their family, and the productions and events she participated in were all invested in by their company.

Lu Qi must really be the cleanest female star in the entertainment industry.

With a rich second-generation heir as her boyfriend, and with no scandals with other stars in the industry, her image looked good no matter how one looked at it.


How did it become like this

Lu Qiyuan was thinking about it.

Not long after, Jiang Yujie came over with the recording.

“Ill go out first, then.” Of course, she could not stay there and listen to it with Lu Qiyuan.

Jiang Yujie went out with her face still red before Lu Qiyuan opened the recording.

In the end, he heard only the opening sounds before he could no longer listen further and immediately turned it off.

It was only the start, yet he already knew what kind of a situation it was.

He really did not have the stomach to continue listening to such sounds that his own daughter was making.

Wouldnt those that would be able to listen to it be perverts

Once he knew what was going on, Lu Qiyuan went online to search.

Actually, he did not need to search for it.

The moment he opened the Internet, there was news about Lu Qi all over the place.

At first, Lu Qiyuan thought he could just say it was not Lu Qi and things would be settled.

Who knew that they even came up with a voice comparison

Lu Qiyuan got so enraged that he took big strides out of his office, having a nagging feeling that the people in the company were all looking at him with mockery.

This was a family disgrace!

It was actually publicized to the point where everyone knew about it!

That was why this scene happened.

The moment Lu Qiyuan stepped into the house, he gave Lu Qi a gigantic slap to the face.

So what Lu Man had said was right.

Aside from himself, Lu Qiyuan actually did not love anyone.

He doted on Lu Qi because Xia Qingyang had coaxed him to and made him biased.

Lu Qi was neat and gave him face as well.

Now that Lu Qi could not make it and her career was in ruins, Lu Qiyuan could no longer use Lu Qi to brag.

Naturally, his love for her dwindled as well.

In the end, Lu Qi actually made him lose face.

So he even hit Lu Qi.

“Stop hitting our daughter!” Xia Qingyang clutched Lu Qiyuans elbow and said, “Why dont you think of how to help her tide over this crisis Whats the use of hitting her”

“If I dont hit her, she wont remember it!” Lu Qiyuan said angrily.

“Do you know how embarrassed she made me feel Its not just this time! Its every single time, theres not a time when she made me feel good!”

“Then what can we do Youre not helping her, you just let a young lady like Qi Qi fight it out on her own.

How strong is she to have been able to persevere until now!” Xia Qingyang said loudly.

Lu Qiyuan scoffed.

“When I hit Lu Man last time, why didnt I see you stopping me like this”

Xia Qingyang only persuaded him from the side back then.

She would not even intervene physically.

Dont think he did not know that Xia Qingyang was not intending to protect Lu Man at all.

Did she really think he was stupid

“Why are you dragging Lu Man into this Is it because Lu Man is capable now and becoming more and more famous in the entertainment industry, and even gave you Han Zhuoli as your son-in-law, so you think shes good again Is that it” Xia Qingyang raised her voice and shouted, “Now Qi Qi and I have become worthless in your eyes again, right!”


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