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“Hey, what do you mean by that” Qin Zigou said good-naturedly, slouching on the sofa like he was boneless.

“I came to find you.

Look at you, so ungrateful.”

“Find me for what” Shi Xiaoya was editing a video.

She was busy usually, so whenever she had free time, she would post a makeup tutorial on Weibo, mostly with useful products, and sometimes inserting some advertisements for some sponsored products.

Hence, she was famous not only in the makeup industry—she was also what the fans regarded as a “god-like” expert.

“Im in Survivor,” Qin Zigou said.

Shi Xiaoya was surprised.

“The show needs you to design costumes too”

Qin Zigou: “…”

“This brother of yours is going as a host, okay” Qin Zigou rolled his eyes speechlessly.

“Your brother has at least a celebrity-like face.

I have many more fans than you.”

“Right, right, right.” Shi Xiaoya nodded hurriedly.

Because of his family background, his handsome looks, and his status as a costume designer who dressed himself well, Qin Zigou managed to attract a bunch of innocent fangirls into supporting him.

And when he turned up for various big film festivals, he could frequently be seen walking the red carpet with other female stars.

He was better known to the public than Shi Xiaoya.

“But I heard that this show is going to be difficult to film.

What makes you want to go” Shi Xiaoya asked, curious.

Qin Zigous a straight, masculine man, true, but he was lazy!

If he could sit, he wouldnt stand, and if he could lie, he wouldnt sit.

If he could slouch, he wouldnt sit properly.

Just like now—he couldnt lie down, but he could slouch on the sofa, refusing to sit upright.

“Isnt it because of you” Qin Zigou gave her another eye roll.

“Say, youre a lady, so for what reason are you going to Survivor I heard that the filming conditions are going to be harsh.

I have to tag along to help you out.

Look at you, so gullible.

What if some random female stars bullied you

“This is different from being in a production crew, where you just do makeup and be done with it.

In this show, you have to follow them around.

Those female stars always have so many issues.

If they bully you, I can at least help you,” Qin Zigou said.

Shi Xiaoya cupped her face, smiling from ear to ear.

“Oh, how is my Gouzi1 so kind!”

Qin Zigou blustered instantly.

“Piss off! Im looking out for you, but you repay me by calling me a dog”

This friendship was a mistake!

How could he have let her know his nickname!

“Alright, I came today just to tell you this.

Im going.” Qin Zigou couldnt slouch anymore, and he got up.

When he reached the doorway, Qin Zigou remembered something.

Turning, he told her, “Auntie called me again, asking if theres anyone wooing you currently.

I say, when are you going to start dating I dont even know how to round it up for you every time Auntie calls me.”

“…” Shi Xiaoya glared at him.

“Worry about yourself! If I really become attached, the next to be nagged will be you!”

Qin Zigou: “…”

Goddamn, he forgot about that.

Shi Xiaoya snickered evilly, taking delight in his misfortune.

“So, to protect yourself, you have to help me deal with it too.”

“Tsk.” Qin Zigou glanced at her in exasperation.

“Im going.”


A week later, Survivor was about to start filming.

The MCs for the first week had to arrive at the filming location at least a day before.

Shi Xiaoya arrived in Nanhai City with Guo Yujie two days earlier.

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