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Nanhai City was chosen because there was a desert island nearby where the first week of the show was going to be filmed.

According to Lu Mans publicity plan, the production team should release Qin Zigous, Cheng Hes, and Zhang Xiangyous publicity photos before starting filming.

Qin Zigou was obvious enough.

As he was a famous fashion designer, many celebrities loved wearing clothes designed by him, be it formal or informal wear.

So he was well-known among the netizens.

Plus, he was attractive, so he would attract viewers.

Cheng He was a well-known professional e-gamer in the country, and he recently led his team to victory in the world championships.

He was tall and handsome with tons of fangirls.

Zhang Xiangyou was one of the most popular hot, young male stars recently, for he had just starred in a popular web drama that featured two male leads as a couple.

Though there was no obvious male love shown, the focus being on them solving mysteries together, he still managed to attract a large number of fans.

Inviting him was a wise move for the production team, for he was popular with many fans but relatively inexpensive since he was still a newbie.

Low cost with massive viewership.

Apart from these three, the rest of the nine were not revealed.

Lu Mans plan was that they could reveal two or three of the hosts during the first weeks disclosing, but they had to leave another couple as the ace, to be announced on the day the show was to be broadcast.

And Han Zhuoling was naturally that trump card.

The Han Corporations Deputy CEO, the Han Familys young master to personally join the program.

If he wasnt to be the finale, then there was no logic in the world.

Qin Zigou arrived a day after Shi Xiaoya did, and on the day before filming was to start, the hosts for the first week gradually arrived.

The six MCs for the first week were Qin Zigou, award-winning actor Zhang Shuidong, Lin Yantao, Liu Chuanhui, and Zhang Jian.

Because some of them arrived in the middle of the night, they couldnt group together for dinner.

Shi Xiaoya and Qin Zigou brought their own assistants to a small eatery near their hotel for a taste of Nanhai Citys specialties.

They might be from wealthy families, but they werent spoiled, and they even fell in love with the small and cheap eatery.

“I heard that you makeup artists havent been allocated to any hosts yet.

When the time comes, you can do makeup for me.” After the meal, they were walking back to their hotel as Qin Zigou said, “Im so handsome, I can appear on the camera no matter how you draw my makeup on.

No pressure.”

Shi Xiaoya: “…”

Guo Yujie: “…”

Qin Zigous assistant, Liu Ming: “…”

Young Master Qin, do you feel uncomfortable the moment you stop praising yourself

Shi Xiaoya directly refuted, “Dont.

Just follow the production teams arrangements.

Doing your makeup poses no challenge at all.

Youll certainly accept any kind of makeup.

Im not here to enjoy life, so dont you go and make such requests.”

Usually, if a host brought it up and no one else had any objections, the production team would agree to the request.

“Alright, alright.” Qin Zigou could only agree.

The four of them reached the hotel entrance, and a car was parked in front of the entrance as well.

The night was dark and the car was also black, so Shi Xiaoya did not notice what car it was.

Only to see the car door open followed by one long leg emerging.

Shi Xiaoya turned to look instinctively.

And with this look, she froze.

Han Zhuoling got off the car, an aura of cold aloofness around him, and that aura caused the warm night to drop another 10 degrees.

Han Zhuoling was also slightly surprised at seeing Shi Xiaoya.

Who knew shed be there too

Though it had been a fortnight ago, seeing Shi Xiaoya again made Han Zhuoling recall the conversation he had back at the family home.

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