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Chapter 1457: Wanted to Kiss Him at First Sight

However, she knew a lot of things as well.

It was true that Han Zhuoling was divorced and was made a cuckold by his ex-wife, who even had a son that was not his own.

But presented with a face that was so beautiful to the point that it could make one forget that past

And this would not even be Han Zhuolings fault.

Needless to say, he was the eldest Young Master of the Han Family and the Deputy CEO of the Han Corporation.

With so many extra qualities, even if he was an ice block, those would be enough to make many people flock to him.

However, even if Han Zhuoling had to be owned by a woman someday, anyone was fine except for Yuan Yina.

Shi Xiaoya never liked her.

She was too scheming and cunning, and she was her business rival.

Shi Xiaoya was not a saint.

She had her personal interests as well.

She did not want to see that gloating look on Yuan Yinas face.

As she thought about this, Shi Xiaoya gradually fell asleep.

Who knew if it was because she was thinking too much before she slept, but she actually saw Han Zhuoling in her dreams.

She dreamt that they were doing makeup in the dressing room and Shi Xiaoya saw Yuan Yina seizing the chance to keep touching Han Zhuolings face while putting on makeup for him.

She saw that not only did Han Zhuoling not get angry, but he even smiled at Yuan Yina.

Yuan Yina actually got even more brazen and just sat on Han Zhuolings leg, putting on his makeup for him while getting closer and closer.

Who knows if she was putting makeup or going to kiss him.

Shi Xiaoya got so angry when she saw that.

She screamed very loudly, “NO!”

She ran towards them and extended her hand to pull Yuan Yina away.

Unexpectedly, she blanked out, and for some reason, she actually became the one sitting in Han Zhuolings embrace.

She did not know when she sat there.

When she turned around, she did not see Yuan Yina at all.

She then saw Han Zhuolings cold, arrogant, yet handsome face suddenly smiling before getting closer to hers.

Seeing that they were about to kiss, Shi Xiaoya held her breath nervously, not daring to move.

“Xiaoya! Xiaoya!”

Someone seemed to be calling her.

Shi Xiaoya felt as if she was being shaken and Han Zhuoling disappeared instantly.

When she opened her eyes, she saw Guo Yujie standing beside her bed.

“Quick, get up and prepare so that we can put on makeup for the guests.” Guo Yujie pulled Shi Xiaoya up.

Shi Xiaoya still felt a little stunned.

“What were you dreaming of just now Your face even turned red,” Guo Yujie asked.

Shi Xiaoyas mind exploded with a bang as she immediately recalled her dream just now.

If Guo Yujie had not woken her up, she might really have kissed Han Zhuoling in her dreams.

Shi Xiaoya screamed, “AH!” once and buried her head in her palms.

She lay back down on her bed and buried her head in it completely.

How could she have such a dream!

She… She definitely did not have any lewd thoughts about Han Zhuoling.

Heaven knows how she had such a dream.

It must be because of Yuan Yina!

“Stop lazing in bed! Quick, get up!” Guo Yujie dragged her out of bed.

“Luckily, you are doing makeup for Young Master Qin.

If Han Zhuoling had been assigned to you and you were late, he would definitely not let you off.”

After having that bizarre dream, Shi Xiaoya could not stand hearing Han Zhuolings name.

She quickly waved her hands in the air and said, “Okay, stop making a fuss.

It wont happen, that doesnt exist.”

Guo Yujie: “…”

“Why do you have such a big reaction”

“I mean, even if I picked Han Zhuoling, Yuan Yina would also have thought of a way to swap with me,” Shi Xiaoya quickly explained.

Guo Yujie thought about it and replied, “True.”

Shi Xiaoya quickly went to wash up and seized the chance to put on some light makeup for herself while the camera crew went to shoot the guests.

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