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She put on only a thin layer of foundation.

As they were in the hot and humid weather of the South, she intentionally used a long-lasting, matte foundation that was on the drier side.

Or else it would be too awkward if she sweated and her face turned oily under the sun.

As for the rest, she just drew her eyebrows, put on a light brown eyeliner and waterproof mascara, and topped it off with a dusty rose lipstick.

She looked really rosy and clean.

It was clear that she was here to work and did not put on makeup to beautify herself.

These took a total of a quarter hours time.

Once she was done packing, she carried her makeup box and went out with Guo Yujie.

They went to the assigned dressing room, which was a small meeting room that the hotel specifically lent out to them.

It was for the production team to use as a makeup room.

When Lu Donglius assistant, Xiao Zhao, saw Shi Xiaoya and Guo Yujie come in, she immediately came over to greet them.

“The camera crew is still filming upstairs.

They will take a while to come down.

As it is too early, the hotel has not started providing breakfast.

I prepared breakfast individually for both of you—its on the table.

The conditions are limited, please bear with us,” Xiao Zhao said as she smiled.

“No worries.

The production team is really considerate,” Shi Xiaoya replied with a smile.

She saw that the table had a breakfast set for everyone, and they were placed in disposable boxes.

When she opened it, she saw xiaolongbao1, boiled egg, and soy milk.

The production team probably went out early in the morning to buy it from the breakfast stalls outside.

The breakfast stalls outside open way earlier than the hotels buffet-style breakfast.

“The breakfast is very good.”

Xiao Zhao smiled and said, “Thats good.

Do tell me if you have any requests.”

Shi Xiaoya smiled and thanked her before quickly eating breakfast with Guo Yujie.

Who knew when the guests would finish shooting

As they ate, they looked around the room.

Apart from Yuan Yina, everyone else was here.

Hong Qiaoxian quickly came over to eat and chat with Shi Xiaoya.

Hong Qiaoxian also put on some light makeup.

It was not flamboyant, and she also looked like she was here to work diligently.

She did not harbor any other thoughts.

With that thought in Shi Xiaoyas mind, Yuan Yina also arrived with her assistant.

Shi Xiaoya glanced at her.

Wow, Yuan Yina was just short of writing out her thoughts on her face.

The other three male makeup artists also put on some light makeup because of their profession.

Needless to say, Shi Xiaoya and Hong Qiaoxian were both very low profile.

However, Yuan Yina was very different.

Her face was done exceptionally exquisitely.

From her eyeshadow to her contouring, none of it was lacking.

Not to mention that she was wearing a tight-fitting T-shirt and jeans, although it did seem like a pretty convenient outfit.

However, the tight-fitting kind exposed her figure without a doubt, especially her cleavage.

It seemed like it was about to burst from the seams and reveal itself at any moment.

Those three male makeup artists were all straight.

They all had the mentality of “no harm in looking,” so each of them just stared straight at Yuan Yinas chest.

Shi Xiaoya lightly raised her brows but did not say anything and continued to eat her meal.

“Morning~” Yuan Yina smiled as she greeted a few people.

“Morning,” Shi Xiaoya plainly replied.

Hong Qiaoxian smiled and said, “Morning, Sister Yina.”

They were all makeup artists, so they did not ask how long Yuan Yina took to do her makeup.

One look and they knew that she would have needed to wake up at least two hours earlier to prepare.

Guo Yujie secretly poked Shi Xiaoya and gave her a look.

“Tell me, whats going on”

Shi Xiaoya lowered her voice and said, “Quickly finish your food.

They should be here in a moment.”

“Right right right.

I should quickly eat.

There will be a good show to watch later too.” Guo Yujie nodded in agreement.

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