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Chapter 1473: Everyone, Dont Move!

“It… It cant be, right” Shi Xiaoya said.

“Why not” Han Zhuoling glanced at her with a hint of laughter in his eyes as he said, “Looking at how things are, its very likely.”

“But if we stay here, where are we going to sleep I didnt see the production team bringing tents either,” Shi Xiaoya said dumbfoundedly.

“The tent is probably one of the clues.

We sleep whenever weve found it,” Han Zhuoling said as he walked.

“If we find it at midnight, we sleep at midnight.

If we find it at dawn…”

Han Zhuoling paused for a moment.

“Then we dont need to sleep anymore.”

“But you dont need to worry.

You are part of the staff, they will surely prepare for you,” Han Zhuoling continued.

“Previously at the hotel, before I was blindfolded, I saw the staff carrying the tents into the car.”

Shi Xiaoya: “…”


No wonder he was so sure that they would spend the night here.

“Of course, this is only my guess.” It was rare that Han Zhuoling was being talkative, and he patiently explained to Shi Xiaoya, “If the production team happens to have some humanity in them, they wont put the tents as one of the stages.”

The Follow PD who seemed to be invisible while following behind the big brother cameraman all along: “…”

The production team was just so inhumane.


But blame it on Director Lu.

This was all decided upon by Director Lu.

Lu Dongliu was the chief director in their production team.

This could not be disputed.

Below Lu Dongliu was Chi Xingrui, the Assistant Director.

Chi Xingrui was in charge of arranging some trivial matters.

Lu Dongliu was only in charge of deciding the overall direction.

Below those two were themselves, the director team.

There were six Follow PDs in the director team.

Each of them was in charge of one guest.

In case there was a need.

For example, during the filming process, if they met with any issue that the guest could not handle well, they still had to discuss it with their production team.

Another example was to prevent the guests from breaking the rules during their individual operations.

This was what their function as Follow PDs was.

After all these were said, Han Zhuoling kept scanning his surroundings.

Looking up, looking down, looking in front, behind, left and right.

“Do you know how long we need to walk” Shi Xiaoya remembered that Han Zhuoling only guessed the general direction just now.

As for how long they needed to walk and up until which point, it was still uncertain.

“I dont know,” Han Zhuoling said.

Shi Xiaoya: “…”

Han Zhuoling turned to look at her.

He was about to say something but his face suddenly darkened as he said, “Dont move!”

Shi Xiaoya got a shock.

She really froze on the spot and did not dare to move.

She did not even dare to raise her voice as she asked, “What… Whats wrong”

The cameraman noticed as well.

A big burly man like him was also scared until his face turned pale.

He carried the huge camera on his back and started to backtrack.

Han Zhuolings gaze sharpened as his face remained dark and said, “Everyone, dont move!”

Under Han Zhuolings gaze, the cameraman froze and really did not dare to move.

Shi Xiaoyas back was to it and she could not see, but the cameraman and the director following them saw it.

On the tree that Shi Xiaoya was back-facing hung a small snake.

The snake was not thick.

It was around the thickness of two fingers.

All of them did not have relevant experience in this area.

They did not know if that snake was poisonous or not.

However, just looking at it spitting out its tongue behind Shi Xiaoya was enough to scare them.

Han Zhuoling did not tell Shi Xiaoya.

He was afraid that she would be scared out of her wits and panic, which would make the snake behind her attack.

Han Zhuoling looked over.

This snake did not look like it was poisonous, but he did not dare to treat Shi Xiaoyas safety lightly because of this.

“What exactly is going on” Shi Xiaoyas face turned pale, but she remained rooted to the spot obediently.

She tried her best to calm herself down.

“Why dont you just tell me the truth If you dont say it, its easier for me to have wild thoughts.”

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