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Chapter 1481: Han Zhuolings Too Smart

Lin Yantao looked and saw that he managed to snag only a bowl of soup back after his trip, making him speechless.

“…” Qin Zigou said unblushingly, “Heres some soup to enrich the taste.

Want some”

Otherwise, it would be too plain to eat with just soy sauce and salt.

Not bothered by the fact that the soup was Shi Xiaoyas leftovers, Lin Yantao said decidedly, “Give me some.”

Hence, Qin Zigou poured the soup in.

Having settled dinner, the two of them went to search for tents before night fell.

After nearly two hours, when the sky was already dark, Lin Yantao and Qin Zigou finally carried their tents back.

They set up their tents beside Han Zhuolings.

Shi Xiaoya hurried over to help Qin Zigou and then Lin Yantao, like a little busy bee.

Han Zhuoling lowered his eyes, unable to stand the sight anymore, and went over to help them.

Shi Xiaoya was with the other crew for sleeping arrangements.

The production team gave its members automatic tents.

Those especially high-end types, where the tent just pops up on its own with just a shake of your hand.

Lin Yantao was speechless looking at that.

The production team really knew how to enjoy life, not willing to make themselves suffer.

When he joined other variety shows, the production teams were scrimping left and right and simplifying things everywhere possible.

And here The hosts were suffering hardships, eating a pittance at night while the production crews were relishing their mini hotpots with a bowl for each of them.

He suspected that they would have brought wine too if it wasnt too heavy.

After dinner, the hosts were setting up their tents with much effort, yet the production team had prepared automatic tents for themselves!

Qin Zigou pointed at the tents, saying, “Production team, you all are too much! You guys are using the automatic ones but giving us these.”

The director laughed evilly.

“To increase the difficulty of the game.”

Han Zhuolings Follow PD finally found his sense of victory from the other MCs.

He had no choice.

The proposals hed thought of so hard for the show, challenges which were supposed to be hard for the hosts, were too easily solved by Han Zhuoling like a piece of cake.

But looking at them now, its apparent that the challenges were useful on the other hosts.

Its not that their challenges were too easy, its just that Han Zhuolings too smart!

Because Shi Xiaoya was specially invited by the production team to be the makeup artist, they gave her an individual tent in consideration.

The rest of the crew had to share a tent for every two of them.

She could not expect much in the wilderness, so Shi Xiaoya was thanking her stars that she did not apply too much makeup.

She carried a pail of water to the side and washed off her makeup simply before heading back to her tent to put her sleeping mask on.

Face still dripping wet, she bumped right into Han Zhuoling, who was about to go and clean up while she was on her way back.

Shi Xiaoya covered her mouth instantly, only revealing a pair of eyes glittering brightly in the night.

For some reason unknown to her, she had done that subconsciously, unwilling to let her au naturel face appear in front of Han Zhuoling.

She clearly had no qualms about meeting the other makeup artists and production team with her bare face last night during the meeting.

But meeting Han Zhuoling now, she became unconfident.

She felt that she looked better with makeup on.

But Han Zhuoling thought otherwise.

Just before she covered her mouth, hed managed to catch a glimpse of her lips in its natural color.

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