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A cotton pad that was moistened with toner was used to remove the remaining essence left on his face before she started applying foundation on him.

Yet Han Zhuoling realized that Shi Xiaoyas distance from him was farther than it was yesterday.

He had nothing to say, but he wanted to start a conversation, so he asked, “What did you put on me just now”

It was the first time Shi Xiaoya realized that Han Zhuoling had moments where he would initiate a conversation.

However, she did not feel like answering him at all, so she simply said two words: “A mask.”

They were rushing for time, and she did not want to interact with Han Zhuoling on her own.

Staying even a minute longer made her feel horrible, so her actions were exceptionally fast.

She just wanted to let Han Zhuoling see her capabilities as a top-notch makeup artist.

She was still fuming and still remembered the sarcastic remarks Han Zhuoling had made to her just now.

“I know its a mask,” Han Zhuoling said.

“Dont I need to wash my face first Dont I need to apply some lotion before I put on makeup Everythings settled after I apply a mask This is different from yesterday when you put on makeup for me.”

If it was in the past, if she heard him ask such a string of questions, Shi Xiaoya would definitely have laughed.

However, she was totally not in the mood to laugh now.

She quickly finished drawing his eyebrows.

Han Zhuoling minced his lips.

He realized that her actions today were really fast.

But he wanted her to slow down.

He really wanted her to slow down so that he could spend more time with her and pacify her.

To let her know that he really knew he was in the wrong.

“Why wont you explain to me” Han Zhuoling asked again.

Shi Xiaoya thought he was referring to the misunderstanding just now.

Why did she not explain even after being misunderstood by him

Shi Xiaoya gave him a mocking look.

The corners of her lips curved up in mockery.

Who would not know how to look sarcastic

Han Zhuolings heart squeezed when she gave him that mocking look.

He thought to himself that she really did not want to say a word to him anymore.

“Previously, when you put on makeup for me, you would always explain briefly to me why you did each step,” Han Zhuoling continued.

Shi Xiaoya then realized that she misunderstood what Han Zhuoling meant just now.

He was not referring to why she did not explain herself when she got misunderstood by him earlier; he referred to why she did not explain the makeup steps to him.

Even though Shi Xiaoya heard the pitiful tone in Han Zhuolings voice, she still gave him a cold, three-word reply: “Theres no time.”

Han Zhuolings gaze dimmed.

He was not a patient person, but this matter was his fault to begin with.

And, for some reason, he could not stand Shi Xiaoya treating him like this.

He lifted his hand and wanted to hold her wrist, but Shi Xiaoya swiftly avoided him.

“Done,” Shi Xiaoya said.

She had already stood up, picking up the makeup box with her.

Han Zhuoling did not expect Shi Xiaoya to be so fast.

Five minutes was not even up yet.

“As a professional makeup artist, if the director has any request, I will surely do it,” Shi Xiaoya said.

She still minded Han Zhuolings doubt about her professionalism just now the most.

Han Zhuoling did not stand up and just let Shi Xiaoya look down at him from above.

If it were someone else, Han Zhuoling would probably scare that person until his legs have turned to jelly with one look.

Yet now, in front of Shi Xiaoya, Han Zhuoling was unbelievably obedient.

Shi Xiaoya did not know why she had such an illusion.

He clearly had a cold expression on and was the charismatic and great Young Master Han, but why did it seem like he felt aggrieved

Shi Xiaoya pursed her lips.

He now even gave off the feeling that he was aggrieved!

She did not say anything more.

She felt that it was about time and turned to leave.

“Wait!” Han Zhuoling called her, then pointed to his mouth.

“I dont need to put on some lipstick”

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