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Chapter 1500: You Say Youre Looking at the Scenery When Youre Looking at Someones Sister

Though she wasnt looking, she could feel Han Zhuoling sitting behind her.

Shi Xiaoya tensed up.

What is he trying to do!

Meanwhile, the announcement rang out for their flight, saying they could start boarding.

They were signaling first-class and military personnel priority.

Qin Zigou stood, saying, “Lets go.”

Unexpectedly, when Shi Xiaoya stood, Han Zhuoling followed.

Shi Xiaoya finally turned to look at him.

Only to see that Han Zhuoling was expressionless, even nodding to her like nothing had happened.

Shi Xiaoya: “…”

How did she not know that Han Zhuoling was such a person!

“Go go go go go.” Qin Zigou grabbed Shi Xiaoyas wrist and walked.

Han Zhuolings sharp gaze landed on Shi Xiaoyas wrist, and though Shi Xiaoya didnt see it, she felt her wrist burn out of nowhere and instinctively wanted to retract her hand.

But Qin Zigou held on tightly and dragged her away.

Only Qin Zigou himself knew the pain.

Han Zhuolings gaze was like a blade on his back, painful!

Han Zhuoling walked behind them during the whole process, and who knew what he wanted to do!

When they boarded, they realized that Han Zhuoling was sitting at their side, separated merely by an aisle.

Shi Xiaoyas original seat was by the aisle, but Qin Zigou took a look and immediately swapped seats with Shi Xiaoya.

“What is it” Shi Xiaoya still hadnt understood the situation.

Qin Zigou almost died from her stupidity but didnt bother explaining, only asking her, “Are you swapping or not”

“Yes, yes, yes, alright.” Shi Xiaoya grabbed her blanket and other stuff, swapping seats with Qin Zigou.

It was hot in Nanhai City, but in her short sleeves and short pants, Shi Xiaoya was still chilled by the air conditioning in the plane.

She wasnt someone who could stand the cold, so she covered herself with her thin blanket, which she brought everywhere with her.

Shielding her eyes with an eye mask and putting on her neck pillow, she fell asleep instantly.

Qin Zigou also fell asleep in a similar fashion.

Their heads were almost touching, and Han Zhuoling was irritated by that.

However tired he was originally, he couldnt fall sleep now.

He stared in Shi Xiaoyas direction with a tilted head the whole time.

And every time the air stewardess passed by, she was tempted to ask him if he required anything but was scared off after seeing his severe face.

Finally, Han Zhuoling couldnt bear it anymore.

He stood and went to the seat behind Qin Zigou and Shi Xiaoya.

That was no ones seat, fortunately.

Tong Chunian could only look as his boss sat behind Shi Xiaoya and suddenly extended his hands, tilting Shi Xiaoyas head to the other side.

And then shift Qin Zigous head to the opposite side.

With their heads separated, Han Zhuolings expression finally relaxed.

The stewardess saw that and walked over, asking with a smile, “Do you require anything, sir”

Han Zhuoling pursed his lips, replying, “No.”

“And youre…” The air stewardess felt as if her mouth was frozen in place.

Han Zhuoling sneaked a peek at Shi Xiaoya.

“Looking at the scenery.”

Air stewardess: “…”

You say youre looking at the scenery when youre looking at someones sister.

Alright, Ill believe you.

Just then, the plane began shaking.

The stewardess hurriedly said, “Sir, the plane might be affected by some air turbulence.

Please go back to your seat and put on your seatbelt.”

Han Zhuoling then returned to his seat and clipped on his safety belt.

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