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“You can.” Tong Chunian nodded.

He led Xiao Zhang towards the office and said, “Although Young Master Ling did not say it, he canceled all his schedules before you came back just to wait for you.”

“Then what should I do Young Master Ling gives this such a high importance, yet this result…” Although he was not responsible for it, Xiao Zhang still felt a lot of pressure.

“What else can we do Of course just tell the truth.” Tong Chunian thought it was still fine.

“Anyway, hes wooing a girl.

How would he succeed at the first try There definitely needs to be a process to let the girl see your sincerity.”

Tong Chunian patted Xiao Zhangs shoulder.

“Dont worry.

Young Master Ling will understand.”

“…” Xiao Zhang turned and stared at Tong Chunian with a conflicted look on his face.

“Are you sure Young Master Ling will understand Hes never wooed a girl before.

The first time he actually liked a girl, he got rejected just like that.

You think he will still understand”

Tong Chunian: “…”

These words sounded so reasonable.


Even if he doesnt understand, youre not responsible for it either.

Do you think Young Master Ling will actually blame the wrong person” As to this point, Tong Chunian was still very confident about it.

Han Zhuoling was not the kind to casually push the blame to others.

Xiao Zhang thought so too and scratched his head.

“Actually, Im just afraid that Young Master Ling will feel sad.”

Seeing how hed canceled his schedules just to wait for this result, he must have been really looking forward to it.

“Young Master Ling will be able to take it!” Tong Chunian had the utmost confidence in Han Zhuoling.

Furthermore, Han Zhuoling knew from the start that he made the lady angry, so he should know that it would not be that easy to coax the lady back.

“He will definitely be mentally prepared.” After saying that, Tong Chunian did not give Xiao Zhang a chance to hesitate and knocked straight on the door.

After two knocks, Tong Chunian opened the door.

“Young Master Ling, Xiao Zhang is back.”

“Young Master Ling.” Xiao Zhang braced himself and went in.

Tong Chunian closed the door and waited outside.

Seeing Xiao Zhangs expression, Han Zhuoling knew that this trip was definitely not a successful one.

“How is it Did you deliver the flowers” Han Zhuoling asked.

Xiao Zhang nodded slowly and said, “I delivered it, and I personally placed it in Ms.

Shis hands.

She also saw the card that you wrote.

After reading it, she just saidunderstood.\'”

Xiao Zhang told Han Zhuoling all that Shi Xiaoya said without leaving out a single word.

He even told her how she told him not to go to such trouble next time.

“Thats all” Han Zhuoling asked further.

Xiao Zhang nodded.

“Thats all.”

Han Zhuoling thought to himself that that young girl must be really angry this time.

If sending flowers did not work, what should he do

While Han Zhuoling was feeling troubled over this, he suddenly recalled Han Zhuolis words.

Coaxing a girl whos angry with you is like wooing a girl.

You just need to be thick-skinned and shamelessly go after her.

Han Zhuoling instantly felt as if hed caught on to something.

If sending flowers once didnt work, then he will send them a few more times.

Send them every day, until Shi Xiaoya stops being angry.

“I got it.

Youll still go to the flower shop tomorrow, buy the flowers, and give it to her personally,” Han Zhuoling said.

“I will write another card tomorrow.

Youll give it to her together.

It will be the same as today.

You must hand it personally over to her.

Whatever she says, come back and report to me.”

“Yes,” Xiao Zhang answered and walked towards the door.

He was already in front of the door before he smacked his head and suddenly recalled something.

“Young Master Ling, I also heard something,” Xiao Zhang said.

“What is it” Han Zhuoling got his spirits up again.


Shi will attend the welcome dinner hosted by the National Film Academy for the exchange students from New York University.

I heard her assistant saying that Jiang Yuhan wants to hire her to do her makeup.

However, Ms.

Shi intends to ask Lu Man first.

If Lu Man did not need her services for this, she would agree to Jiang Yuhans request.

Either way, she will definitely be attending this dinner,” Xiao Zhang said.

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