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Chapter 1520: Bourbottes Nephew

“Then why did you still come Im curious why the school views this seriously, even wanting you to lead the team.

Its giving them too much face,” another student commented.

“Im free anyways, and Ive been on a break recently, so I thought I should come and see,” Shana said.

“See what a country with a rich and ancient history looks like.

Im rather curious about their culture too, but forget about the acting.

Ill just treat it like Im on tour.”

“Moreover, the school might just be putting on a show,” another brunette said.

“At the very least, they want to give the impression that the school is viewing this seriously.”

“Thats right.” Shana chuckled.

“Over at NYU, the senior Oren is leading.

Their exchange team sent to NYU is already the top students from this country—they seemed to have been picked from across the nation, so with Oren at school, its up to me to lead here.

Had our senior Oren come personally, Im afraid theyd have had to lose even worse.

“How boring.” The fair-haired boy yawned lazily.

“Dont they know their own standards How come theyre still coming to us every year to be humiliated”

Someone else assented.

“So well just make it quick.

If we win quickly, we can still tour the country.

I want to see the legendary Great Wall.”

Everyone nodded fervently at this suggestion.

“Alright, a quick one it shall be.

No need to bother about their pride, we just have to show them the difference,” one student piped in.

“Ha, they think its enough to send their students to us to learn annually Let them know that its useless no matter how much they learn—they can dream on.”

Everyone laughed gleefully.

Even the teacher leading the team didnt think their words were wrong.

Wasnt the difference in abilities between both parties plain as day

But the teacher still said, “Be that as it may, you still shouldnt underestimate the enemy.

We must use our full abilities to win.

This will ensure a good victory, one won without question, and let them know the difference in skills between them and us.

Our aim isnt to underestimate them and win only by a slim margin, a questionable victory.

No matter how weak our opponent is, we still have to showcase our best abilities, get it”



“Got it.”

Everyone promised to do their best.

“Whats her name… Lu what… that I heard foiled Attack Force” Who knew if hed really forgotten Lu Mans name or if he was displaying his scorn for her The honey-haired boy had asked this lazily and disdainfully.

“Lu Man,” someone reminded him.

“Really, Howard, how can you keep forgetting her name after so many times”

This was spoken by a slightly plump boy.

Teasing and mockery of Lu Man laced his words.

Everyone knew that Howard had asked on purpose, not because he really forgot her name.

“Haha, who cares what shes called When Attack Force came here, she was such an upstart,” Howard said idly.

“She made a good movie an embarrassment here.

Im here to meet her.”

The plump boy replied, “And here I was wondering why youd volunteer to sign up for this.”

Everyone knew that Howard was Bourbottes nephew, and because of Bourbotte, hed entered the entertainment industry at a young age.

He was a child actor, but he didnt fall from grace after he grew up like many other child stars.

He might not be shining as much as Shana or Oren now, but he had a good career waiting in the future.

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