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Chapter 1531: Isnt He Annoying

The four of them shifted to a bigger table, and Lu Man learned from Shi Xiaoya that she wanted to eat the lobster too, but was afraid of the smell remaining on her hands.

That might make Jiang Yuhan uncomfortable when Shi Xiaoya does her makeup for her.

With the addition of Shi Xiaoya and Guo Yujie, Lu Man added another two dishes.

Han Zhuoli seized the moment and quickly texted Han Zhuoling.

“Big Brother, have you eaten”

Han Zhuoling replied after a while.

“Not yet, I still have some work left.

Ill be leaving later.”

Han Zhuoli: “Heh, guess whos eating with me and Man Man right now”

Han Zhuoling: “…”

Han Zhuolis sneaky habit struck again.

“Were eating with Shi Xiaoya, but its only a coincidence.” Han Zhuoli swiftly sent the message.

When Han Zhuoling saw it, he contemplated how to get the restaurants address without getting teased by Han Zhuoli.

But Han Zhuoli sent their location first.

“Were here.

You better hurry if you want to come.

Were leaving when were done.

Shi Xiaoya has work to do.”

“…” Han Zhuoling deleted the words he had typed and sent another text.

“Im going over now.”

Han Zhuoling looked at the work undone, then placed them into his bag after thinking about it, planning to work on them at home after the dinner party.

In the end, he received another message from Han Zhuoli.

“Not working anymore”

Han Zhuoling: “…”

Isnt he annoying

Ever since he got a wife, Han Zhuoli became the picture of a fearless and smug man.

Too lazy to reply to him, Han Zhuoling exited the office.


Is he shameless or what!

Xiao Zhang waited in the car and went to open the door for Han Zhuoling when he saw him coming out.

Han Zhuoling unexpectedly came out early this time.

Han Zhuoling sat at the back and saw a big bunch of roses at the shotgun seat.

Xiao Zhang explained with a smile, “Ms.

Shi wasnt in her office in the morning, and she probably would have no place to put the flowers if I gave them to her then.

Its perfect that Ms.

Shis joining the gala tonight.

Ill be bringing them over to her now.”

How thoughtful of Xiao Zhang.

Because Han Zhuoling was going as well, he should seize the chance to let Han Zhuoling send Shi Xiaoya home.

Wouldnt it be convenient for Shi Xiaoya to take the flowers then

Xiao Zhang mentally gave his intelligence a “like.”

Needless to say, Han Zhuoling was finally on the same wavelength as his wingman this time.

He thought that its okay if it wasnt convenient for Shi Xiaoya to take the flowers.

When hes free later that night, he could do her a favor and send her home.

Wouldnt that be easier for Shi Xiaoya

If it was someone else, he definitely wouldnt send them home.

But he had angered Shi Xiaoya, and he had no idea if she had forgiven him yet.

Moreover, they were, at the very least, acquaintances, and they had a relatively close relationship in his eyes.

He should just consider it as him helping Shi Xiaoya out!

“Later, stop at the entrance of the hotel.

Dont give the flowers yet.

Wait until Shi Xiaoya has gone backstage,” Han Zhuoling said.

Otherwise, if Xiao Zhang were to give the flowers in front of Han Zhuloing, he…

*cough* He found the thought strangely embarrassing.

Han Zhuoling lowered his head with a strange expression, pretending to fiddle with his phone.

When in reality, no one was contacting him.

Han Zhuoling took out his laptop instead and continued working.

Xiao Zhang looked at Han Zhuolings reaction through the rearview mirror and felt a headache coming on.

Why was Boss so unenlightened

He should seize the chance to take the flowers himself and deliver them to Shi Xiaoya personally.

Shi Xiaoya would then not dare to explode in anger even if she was still furious with him.

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