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Chapter 1534: Need to Be Consistent

Shi Xiaoya checked her phone and said, “Sorry, Young Master Ling, but I really need to go or Ill be late.”

With that, Shi Xiaoya stepped aside and brushed past Han Zhuoling.

After taking a few steps, she realized Guo Yujie wasnt following her.

Turning, she saw that Guo Yujie was still deeply immersed in the drama.

Shi Xiaoya sighed and coughed a few times loudly.

Guo Yujie finally recovered, quickly saying to Han Zhuoling, “Then well be going, Young Master Ling.”

Then she ran after Shi Xiaoya.

Han Zhuoling pursed his lips, standing rooted at the entrance as he watched the girls walk towards the school.

When the two of them had disappeared from his view, someone said behind him, “Stop looking, theyre gone.”

Han Zhuoling then turned around with a dark expression, grousing mentally about how long the two had been watching from the side.

He then saw a table full of peeled shells.


Han Zhuoling huffed, “Wheres your table”

Lu Man knew Han Zhuoling well enough and considered him a paper tiger.

He was someone who was aloof on the surface but treated his family excellently and never got angry with them.

Even so, she still felt slightly nervous looking at his expression.

She swallowed and pointed silently towards the table tucked deep inside the shop.

When the couple had gone over, they didnt forget to tell the waiter that they were not done eating and he was not to clear the table.

Hence, the dishes were still displayed on the table.

Han Zhuoling glanced at the couple and led them back to the table.

Lu Man and Han Zhuoli followed him and sat.

Han Zhuoling sat directly facing them.

Lu Man waved the waiter over to collect Shi Xiaoyas and Guo Yujies utensils and provide a new set.

Han Zhuoli then ordered a few more dishes according to Han Zhuolings taste.

They werent in a hurry since there was still plenty of time before the gala was to start.

If they went in early, theyd have to deal with others who wanted to socialize.

They were in no mood to accommodate them.

So they chose to eat here leisurely.

Knowing that he had to drive home after the party, Han Zhuoli refused alcohol but asked if Han Zhuoling wanted some.

“I let Xiao Zhang off early, so Im driving later.

No alcohol for me,” Han Zhuoling explained.

Hence, they asked for another bottle of fruit juice.

“Driving by yourself later… are you going to send Shi Xiaoya home too” Han Zhuoli asked, laughing.

Han Zhuoling was a picture of aloofness.

“See how it goes first.”

“Heh!” Han Zhuoli was sorely tempted to call Old Mrs.

Han and Lin Liye right now and tell them what was happening.

Let them hear how Han Zhuoling was still in denial.

With Han Zhuolings temper, its best to let Old Mrs.

Han whack him with the feather duster.

Just like Han Zhuoli before.

He wasnt in a hurry at first.

But he got whacked so many times by Old Mrs.

Han that he bucked up his pace.

“Say, youve sent so many days worth of flowers, but what about today Have you sent any” Han Zhuoli questioned.

He had persisted for so long.

Wasnt it a waste to stop just as he was about to succeed

Especially during important times like today, he cant just drop the ball!

“…” Han Zhuoling drank a mouthful of the juice.

“The flowers are with Xiao Zhang.

Hell be sending them to Shi Xiaoya later.”

Lu Man: “…”

“Big Brother, since you came, why didnt you bring the flowers” he asked immediately.

Han Zhuoling: “…”

“It was always delivered by Xiao Zhang.” Han Zhuoling cleared his throat uncomfortably.

“One needs to be consistent.”

Han Zhuoli: “…”

Lu Man: “…”

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