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Chapter 1537: Could We Make It On Time

So she took off the shades and put it back in her bag.

Han Zhuoling: “…”

Sister-in-law, your goal is so obvious.

Lu Man didnt fear Han Zhuoling now that she was leaning against Han Zhuoli.

During their meal, she kept hearing Han Zhuoli tease Han Zhuoling about Shi Xiaoya.

Han Zhuolings face had been impassive, but he didnt refute anything.

But if she scrutinized closely, he seemed a bit guilty underneath his remote facade, so he became less scary.

After knowing Han Zhuoling better, Lu Man didnt bother toning down her cheekiness and joined Han Zhuoli in teasing Han Zhuoling without hesitation.


As for Shi Xiaoya, after she had reached the designated makeup room in the school, Jiang Yuhan had yet to arrive.

Jiang Yuhan had requested for an individual dressing room, but the school wasnt able to satisfy her demands, though they did provide her with a shared dressing room with two others who were on a similar level as her.

At least this wouldnt be a slight against Jiang Yuhan.

The National Film Academy was Jiang Yuhans alma mater, and Jiang Yuhan wanted to maintain her good image, so she didnt insist on being too demanding.

Pretending to be easygoing, she had agreed to it.

But she was still disgruntled, feeling as if the National Film Academy didnt hold her in regard.

Hence, she purposely came late.

Guo Yujie eyed the time, saying, “Why isnt Jiang Yuhan here yet Can we make it on time”

“Lets take out the things well be using first.

When she comes, well start immediately,” Shi Xiaoya said.

So she set about spreading out the makeup brushes and beauty blenders, as well as all sorts of foundations and makeup with Guo Yujie.

She opened up all the eye-shadow palettes, blushes, highlights, and contours for easier viewing, such that she could decide on which colors to use quickly when shes doing makeup for Jiang Yuhan.

Both of them waited some more, yet even after the other two artistes had arrived, Jiang Yuhan still hadnt come.

“Oh, its Xiaoya.” Xu Fei walked in with her assistant.

“Who invited you No wonder when I contacted Ms.

Guo, she said your schedules full and couldnt accept my offer.”

Shi Xiaoya replied courteously, “Its Teacher Jiang Yuhan.”

She had no idea when it became common practice.

Calling everyone a “teacher” whether one was qualified enough, be it an experienced actor with spectacular acting skills or just some wannabe with mediocre acting skills.

To be precise, Jiang Yuhans acting was really average; she was even beaten by Lu Man in Classic X Files previously.

Moreover, shes a B-lister and not yet an A-lister.

She might be popular, but she was unqualified in terms of experience or acting chops.

However, she liked hearing others calling her a “teacher.”

Many others were like this too.

It was not just Jiang Yuhan who insisted on calling themselves “teachers.”

Shi Xiaoya looked down on this practice.

She thought that its best if one was really qualified.

If one had both experience and ability, as well as a good reputation and morals, people would call one a teacher willingly from the bottom of their hearts.

When everything about a person left something to be desired and yet they insist upon others to call them “teacher,” then theyre just insulting the term.

But in this industry, she couldnt offend others simply because of this.

When it was time to use the word, she would.

When she heard that Jiang Yuhan got ahead of her, Xu Feis smile began to look slightly more forced.

Not because of Shi Xiaoya, but because she wasnt all too friendly with Jiang Yuhan.

Both of them were the top B-listers who might make it to the A-list at any time.

They were popular and capable enough, and all they lacked was an opportunity.

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