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Chapter 1538: Difficult to Please

For example, a major blockbuster that had deep meanings, a chance to show off their acting skills, or being an ambassador for a major brand, etc.

As long as they had one of those, they could make a breakthrough to the A-list.

So the two of them were in the middle of an intense competition, both determined to be the first and afraid of being surpassed by the other.

As long as the status quo was changed and they belonged to different levels, the distance between them could only increase.

It would be weird if they were friends with such a competitive relationship.

Huang Yilun arrived not long after Xu Fei sat down for her makeup.

The makeup artists for Xu Fei and Huang Yilun were two of the male makeup artists who participated in Survivor with Shi Xiaoya:

Shi Feng and Ling Xiaoen.

Both came, respectively, with Xu Fei and Huang Yilun.

The two guys were delighted to see Shi Xiaoya.

“Never thought youd come too, Xiaoya,” Shi Feng commented with a smile as he opened his cosmetic bag.

“What a coincidence, I thought I could only see you during next weeks filming,” Ling Xiaoen said in a similar vein.

“Its really unexpected.” Shi Xiaoya smiled.

“Oh Who are you doing makeup for Has the person not arrived yet” Shi Feng noticed the empty chair in front of Shi Xiaoya.

Before Shi Xiaoya could answer, Jiang Yuhan entered.

“Sorry for the tardiness, theres a jam on the way,” Jiang Yuhan explained, though her tone wasnt exactly sincere.

Xu Fei arrived the earliest so her make up was already half done.

As a guy, Huang Yilun didnt need that much makeup, so he was done as well even though he arrived only slightly before Jiang Yuhan did.

He stayed in the room to chat.

Having done makeup for so many female artistes, Shi Xiaoya knew very well what the female stars were thinking.

She did accept some jobs from male artistes, and doing makeup for them was still fine.

The competition between the male artistes wasnt as devious and calculating as the female stars, but there were the occasional men who were shameless enough, and their schemes were something that superseded even the female artistes.

However, it ultimately wasnt as blatantly obvious as the womens attacks.

Coincidentally, putting Xu Fei and Jiang Yuhan, who were competitors, together was sure to start a fire.

“Teacher Jiang,” Shi Xiaoya greeted politely.

Hearing herself called “teacher” made Jiang Yuhan happy.

Handing her bag to her assistant, she sat.

“Waited long”

“Its my habit to arrive earlier than my clients.” Shi Xiaoya gave a small smile.

Jiang Yuhan gave a stiff smile and sat.

Just as Shi Xiaoya was about to start, Jiang Yuhan asked her assistant, “Wheres my phone Give it here.”

The assistant hurriedly handed the phone over.

Jiang Yuhan took it and opened an app with a beautifying camera and took a selfie, also capturing Shi Xiaoyas hands, which were about to apply makeup.

Then she posted it online with the caption, “Back in my alma mater for a dinner party.

About to do my makeup.

Scaring you guys with my au naturel face first.”

Unsurprisingly, fans began praising her in the comment section.

“Yuhans pretty even without makeup.”

“So pretty, shes really a natural beauty.”

Shi Xiaoya was snarky in her mind.

She thought that with that beautifying camera, shed become a natural beauty even if her bare face was yellow with black spots and full of large pores.

Whos she pretending for

Frankly, Jiang Yuhans bare face was not really nice.

Probably because as an artiste, she had to apply makeup daily, even thick ones, and had to stay up late without removing the cosmetics.

Her skin condition wasnt good.

It was extremely dull, dark, and yellowish.

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