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Chapter 1550: Emotional Imbalance

When both of them were young, they were idols whom the whole country raved about as well.

The standard of preferences at that time was not the same as now, but the two of them also had thousands of fans back in those days.

During those times, not many families had a television at home.

Those who had them had mostly black and white televisions.

There were rarely color televisions around, which had proliferated only much later.

The peak of their prime coincided with the period of crossover from black and white to colored television.

At that time, there were few families with a television at home.

When it was time for the television channel to play a film, everyone in the neighborhood would gather over at the house of the family with a television to watch.

At that time, it would not be an exaggeration to say that the whole town turned out, emptying every alleyway.

Ma Xianghuan and Lian Fang were both very good-looking when they were young.

Back then, there were so many young ladies who liked Ma Xianghuan and so many young men who saw Lian Fang as their goddess.

Although both of them were old now, when both of them reenacted a scene from one of their classic films, it was still indescribably moving.

Even if the audience seats were filled with students, they had also watched these old classic films together with the elders in their family when they were young, and they did not watch them just once.

Watching the performance by the two teachers right now instantly made them recall these memories.

On the big projector screen behind them, English subtitles were provided for the exchange students to understand the performance.

Aside from the two teachers, the others like Shao Yuqi and the rest of the guests also performed a short skit on stage.

This allowed the students to watch the performance standard of a Best Actor and Best Actress from such a close distance for the first time.

The exchange student also prepared a segment in order to showcase the friendly exchanges between the two sides.

It was the teacher-in-charge of the exchange team and a few professors who performed a short skit of the theatrical play, Hamlet.

The students from the exchange team all lifted their arrogant chins in pride.

Howard said arrogantly, “Let these people have a look and see what a real performance is.

Such a bunch of bumpkins.”

Leo shook his head as he said, “It was only those two old people just now and that Best Actor and Best Actress who performed decently.

The rest of those that went up on stage, what were they even acting Its so bad.

Is this the standard of their actors who had already become famous With that kind of standard, they wont even be able to graduate in our school.”

Nottington said, “If Luzern did not insist that we not reveal our capabilities, we would be able to overshadow them if we went up ourselves.”

“Its rare for this bunch of people to have the chance to see a real performance.

This is a feast for the eyes.

Its all thanks to us for coming over here, so they could expand their world view,” Colleen said.

“Haha, thats true.

Look at them, they are all silly-eyed from watching.

This is a palace-level performance,” another girl, Heisi, said.

As no one bothered to listen to what they were whispering about, this nights party ended considerably harmoniously.

To maintain order, the school let the various guests leave the venue first.

Lest the students could not control their emotions and want to take photos and ask for signatures.

There were so many students, so the situation would really be too messy.

When Jiang Yuhan saw Lu Man, her face became so stiff that she could not show any expression.

When she participated in Classic X Files together with Lu Man back then, she was still looking down on her quite a lot and even did not take her seriously.

Even after Lu Man had totally eclipsed her fame, Jiang Yuhan still did not think that Lu Man was any better than her.

Until afterward, when Lu Man suddenly became Mrs.


Hence, Lu Man actually became someone she could never compare to, let alone surpass.

Someone who was clearly not as good as her before actually got ahead so much further than her simply because of good fortune.

How could her heart feel at ease

But she still politely smiled at them and greeted, “Young Master Han, Young Master Ling, Lu Man.”

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