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Meanwhile, Lu Man took out her key.

Dai Yiran stared helplessly as Lu Man opened the drawer at her desk, and took out the file she had long since prepared from inside and handed it to Wu Lize.

Sister Li and the others finally believed that Lu Man definitely did not intentionally infect her computer with a virus just because she could not complete her proposal.

They also believed that Lu Man had already prepared the proposal long ago, the one saved in her computer was just refined and neater.

Only an idiot would cause trouble for herself, infecting her own computer so that she could be spared from this test.

Originally, they had thought that Lu Man was being a sore loser and was refusing to admit defeat.

Yet now that the proposal was in Wu Lize\'s hands, what was there to be suspicious of

Sister Li looked at Dai Yiran, then at Ye Xiaoxing and Xia Mengxuan.

If Lu Man was not the one who had infected her computer, then it definitely had to be someone else.

Just now, this trio was the most excited and cheerful.

Considering what Dai Yiran had just said, Sister Li started having some suspicions.

If Dai Yiran was the one who infected Lu Man\'s computer, then everything made sense.

Yet at this time, Dai Yiran barely cared about what others were thinking.

Previously, she had thought that Lu Man could not submit the proposal, so she submitted the file to Wu Lize just to settle the issue as quickly as possible.

If Han Zhuoli were to see that her proposal was exactly the same as Lu Man\'s…

The corner of Dai Yiran\'s lips twitched a little, and she forced herself into a smile.

Since Lu Man\'s proposal is not completely finished, why not submit it tomorrow then Just now, Manager Wu said so too, extending the deadline until tomorrow morning should be fine, right

As Dai Yiran spoke, she tried to grab the file she just submitted back.

Just as she stretched her hand out, Lu Man grabbed onto her wrist.

What are you doing Lu Man looked at her unhappily.

Didn\'t you say so just now not to extend the deadline since it would be unfair to you Why are you so thoughtful towards me now Lu Man raised her eyebrows.

Dai Yiran coughed, and said, smiling, Firstly, I misunderstood that you didn\'t finish the proposal at all and that\'s why you intentionally tried to delay your submission.

However, now that I know that you had completed it long ago, and it is just lacking the final finishing touches, I\'m not that heartless to not even give you that little bit of time.

There\'s no need to.

I\'m fine submitting it as it is. Lu Man squinted at her with a hint of a smile.

Besides, even if I were to amend it, I could just borrow a computer and work on it now, there\'s no need to wait until tomorrow.

I\'ve already written it once, it\'s all in my brain, it will be done very quickly.

Lu Man is right. Wu Lize asked Lu Man, Do you want to amend it now Since Dai Yiran has already agreed to extend the submission to tomorrow morning, I\'ll give you more time now, it definitely won\'t be a problem.

Even though Wu Lize\'s words were logical, his attitude was obviously biased towards Lu Man.

The others could not help but think about their previous speculation.

From the looks of it now, they were more sure of their suspicion that Wu Lize definitely liked Lu Man.

There\'s no need to, I will just submit it as it is right now.

Since the focus is on the thought process, this initial draft should be fine.

Also, Dai Yiran is right, it\'s more fair this way. Lu Man turned towards Dai Yiran and lifted her eyebrows, the corner of her lips seemingly curled upwards.


What Right!

Dai Yiran gritted her teeth angrily.

She suspected whether Lu Man was doing this on purpose!

But it was impossible!

How could Lu Man possibly know what she was thinking of!

The thing Dai Yiran wanted to do the most right was to quickly get back the file she had just submitted.

However, both files were already clasped under Wu Lize elbow.

He said, Alright, I\'ll go and submit them now.

Both of you can just wait for the result, it would probably be out by tomorrow.

After speaking, Wu Lize left.


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