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Shi Xiaoya placed the two bowls into the sink.

She did not wash them immediately as Han Zhuoling was still around.

Han Zhuoling checked the time.

It was already ten o clock.

If he stayed on any longer, it might not be appropriate.

He then went to put on his coat and said to Shi Xiaoya, “Thank you for the noodles.

Ill head back now.”

“No problem.” Shi Xiaoya sent Han Zhuoling to the door and said, “Take care on the way back.”

Han Zhuoling nodded and entered the lift.

Before the lift doors closed, Han Zhuoling even glanced sideways at the shoe cabinet.

Shi Xiaoya felt that she might have been mistaken.

Why would he look at the shoe cabinet for no reason

The lift doors would not close, so Shi Xiaoya could only maintain her smile and wave to Han Zhuoling.

It was only when the lift doors closed that Shi Xiaoya finally heaved a sigh of relief.

She then went to the balcony and saw Han Zhuoling walking out of the building in no time.

She watched him walking over to his car.

Just when he was about to open the car door, he suddenly paused.

Then, she suddenly saw him turn and look up at her.

Shi Xiaoya was dumbstruck.

She totally did not expect that Han Zhuoling would actually look up at her even when he was about to leave.

It was as if he felt her staring at him from above.

In that instance, Shi Xiaoyas mind went blank.

She could not think properly and could only react instinctively.

The body was one to react faster than the brain when it comes to actions, so she just squatted down instinctively.

As if she could hide just like that.

But she forgot, the windows on her balcony were French windows.

Han Zhuoling could just see through the glass windows that she was curled up like a ball squatting there, looking silly.

A smile escaped Han Zhuoling lips before he got into the car.

Only when she saw that his car had driven off and could not be seen anymore did Shi Xiaoya stand up.

She thought to herself, what was she hiding for just now

She really became dumb whenever she was in front of Han Zhuoling.

After not having the chance to meet for the past few days after their misunderstanding, she thought that she had finally returned to normal.

Indeed, when Han Zhuoling was not around, she was clever and eloquent, exceptionally amazing, and never once suffered under someone else.

Even just tonight, shed had a squabble with Jiang Yuhan.

Yet when she had just managed to patch up with Han Zhuoling and faced him again, her dumbness started acting up again.

Shi Xiaoya smacked her head a few times.

“Why are you so stupid!”

She thought of how dumb she looked when she squatted down behind the window thinking that he really would not be able to see her.

Han Zhuoling would definitely think that she was utterly dumb.

Shi Xiaoya lowered her head and went back to the kitchen in frustration to wash the bowls and chopsticks.

As there were only two bowls, two chopsticks, and two spoons, she quickly washed them up by herself.

She then washed the small soup pot clean.

Shi Xiaoya turned off the kitchen lights and prepared to go back to her room.

Yet when she walked past the living room, she saw from her peripheral view that there seemed to be something lying on the sofa.

She looked over and instantly felt dumbstruck.

Han Zhuoling forgot his tie and left it here.

When Han Zhuoling left just now, his collar was clearly empty, different from when he first came, yet she did not notice it at all.

“Shi Xiaoya, you are really so stupid!” Shi Xiaoya scolded herself and used a tissue to wipe up the remaining water droplets on her hand.

She was afraid that Han Zhuolings tie was the kind of material that could not be stained with water, so she had better not have water on her hands and ruin someone elses good tie.

After confirming that her hands were dry, she then picked it up.

A light manly scent came from the tie, which was the same as the scent on his body.

This fragrance even made Shi Xiaoyas face turn red.

She could not help but think of how Han Zhuoling was like in front of her.

When he was very near her, she could smell the same manly scent from him as she did now.

Shi Xiaoya shook her head.

She had unknowingly turned into a lovestruck fool holding the tie and smelling the scent from it.

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