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Chapter 1567: Your Is Brother Dating Someone!

Lin Liyes eyes shone.

“Your is brother dating someone!”

Lin Liye was excited.

“Heh heh heh, only a girlfriend can be so thoughtful as to even care about supper.

Moreover, if he didnt have a girlfriend caring for him, would he get off from work this early”

Han Zhuofeng felt obligated to remind Lin Liye to not be too optimistic.

“If he really had a girlfriend, would he be back home this early”

Lin Liye: “…”

This rascal.

But he has a point.

“Moreover, maybe its Lu Man who cooked Big Brother and Second Brother attended the gala at the National Film Academy today, and its normal for Big Brother to go to Second Brothers home for supper when they left together,” Han Zhuofeng stated.

Lin Liye thought that that was possible too.

Her bubbling enthusiasm was doused by Han Zhuofengs words, so Lin Liye glared at him.

“Prattle on!”

Why did he have to ruin her blissful imaginings

Han Zhuofeng: “…”

To cement his status as the favorite youngest son in the family, Han Zhuofeng decided to sell out the older Young Master Han at once.

“Mom, youre right,” Han Zhuofeng cut in.

“I think its possible that my brother has a girlfriend.

Why dont you call and verify it with Second Brother and Sister-in-law Ask them whether Big Brother followed them home for supper”

Lin Liye thought he made sense and looked at him approvingly.

“Youre so considerate.”

Now she was not at all scornful like she was just a moment ago.

Han Zhuofeng smiled sweetly, looking on as Lin Liye dialed for Han Zhuoli.

“Auntie.” Han Zhuoli and Lu Man had long since reached home.

Lu Man was searching for details about the exchange students.

Not everyones information could be found, but those regarding Shana and Howard were plentiful.

Lu Man even watched the movies they starred in.

Its a pity that Shana had acted mainly in movies suited to teen idols, for the plots didnt require great acting skills.

She only had to act sweetly, and there wasnt much to be gleaned from there.

But Lu Man still put in an effort to find the good parts of Shanas acting.

Howards movies were easier to study.

Howard had never gotten a main role before, but he had acted in quite a few artistic films and had been a supporting actor in some historical films.

One of them even won the Oscars award for Best Film.

Oscar-winning films were not like typical blockbusters.

They usually had deeper meanings and might be too uninteresting for some viewers.

But though not everyone loved the film, the actors were good.

Howard had a minor supporting role in it with only a few shots, but he had seized the chance to present himself to better advantage precisely because he had fewer scenes.

Hence, Howards acting skills were actually better than Shanas acting as a protagonist.

Lu Man paused the video after hearing Lin Liye call.

Lu Man couldnt hear what Lin Liye was saying over the phone.

Meanwhile, Han Zhuoli heard Lin Liye ask, “Zhuoli dear, did Zhuoling follow you both home after the gala”

Upon hearing this, Han Zhuoli laughed and switched on his phones loudspeaker while asking Lu Man to come over.

He told Lin Liye, “Man Mans beside me, Auntie, let me switch on the speakers so we both can hear you.”

Even though what Lin Liye spoke of wasnt that big of a deal, Han Zhuoli thought its better to inform her.

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