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The way he saw it, Han Zhuoling and Shi Xiaoyas relationship was developing at a nice pace towards a favorable outcome.

But Han Zhuoli couldnt lie to Lin Liye blatantly, so he hinted, “Its hard for me to say since Brother didnt say it himself, did he Its not good if I spilled the beans before he did, plus they arent even an item yet.

We dont know how its going to go from here, so dont be too happy yet.”

Alas, Lin Liyes grin had already spread from ear to ear.

She was utterly delighted.

“Right, right, right.

Ill just pretend that I dont know anything, I wont say a thing to him.”

Han Zhuofeng: “…”

Right now, she isnt acting like she doesnt know a thing.

Worried that Han Zhuoling might come out and overhear their conversation, she then quickly hung up.

But she was already secretly planning to let Shi Xiaoya teach her makeup in the future!

With Shi Xiaoya here, she would always be beautiful when she attends any future dinner parties and whatnot!

Lin Liye hung up in a good mood, unable to contain her bubbling happiness.

Thinking about it, she couldnt wait to share this joy with others.

Hence, Lin Liye took her phone back to her room and secretly dialed Old Mrs.


Old Mrs.

Han picked up not long after.

Old Mrs.

Han sounded energetic, so Lin Liye asked, “Were you asleep, Mom”


Im sleeping less now, and sleeping later,” Old Mrs.

Han replied.

“What is it Did that scoundrel Dongping do anything foolish again”

Otherwise, Lin Liye wouldnt be calling her at such a late hour.

Lin Liye hurriedly denied, “No, no, its got nothing to do with him.”

Shes living with Han Zhuoling and Han Zhuofeng, and with the two of them here, Han Dongping wouldnt dare do anything to her.

Her feelings for Han Dongping had long eroded given all that hed done to her, and she never planned to go back to him anymore.

Even if both her sons married, she would just live by herself then.

Itd be far more freeing.

She didnt even care whether Han Dongping was having mistresses left and right.

Its fine as long as he didnt plan to come home and insert himself as the head of the house, and then produce other sons to compete with hers.

As for Han Dongping himself, she was otherwise fine without him.

Of course, Old Mr.

and Mrs.

Han had control over him, plus her two grown sons had the ability to protect themselves.

Especially Han Zhuoling.

Would he allow anyone to bully them brothers


Hence, Lin Liye didnt worry about a thing and never treated Han Dongping as a big deal.

However, she didnt dare say this directly to Old Mrs.


No matter how fair she was and how unhappy she was with Han Dongping, he was still her son.

It was one thing for Old Mrs.

Han to dislike her son and quite another to hear her daughter-in-law criticize him.

Lin Liye was always careful about this.

Right then, she said in a pleased tone, “Mom, Zhuoling likes a girl.”

“What” Old Mrs.

Han moved especially swiftly and gracefully, getting off her bed and onto the floor.

Her sudden raised volume also gave a nasty scare to Old Mr.


“Is this for real” Old Mrs.

Han paced in circles in her excitement.

“Have you seen the girl What does she look like Wats her job How long has she known Zhuoling How do you know Zhuoling likes her Did Zhuoling tell you himself”

The series of questions was asked without even a pause for breath.

Lin Liye perfectly understood Old Mrs.

Hans agitation—she herself had been bursting to ask Han Zhuoli the same as well and had kept it in only for fear that Han Zhuoling would come out suddenly.

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