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Chapter 1583: Getting Slapped with Reality Fast

Precisely because of his high demands, he would keep you working on the same thing over and over until youd nailed it, to his satisfaction.

If you failed to meet his expectations, he would rather stop filming than make do.

There was only 100 percent with him, never 99 percent.

Furthermore, they were such deep movies that required deep acting, highlighting the actors acting skills.

It could be said that having Deng Xu to coach them, to run them through their scenes, and to direct for them was more than worth it.

There was no other director better qualified than Deng Xu within the country.

Thats not to say that other directors were worse than Deng Xu.

Directors more well-known and with more accolades than Deng Xu existed, but not many were as “nitpicky” as Deng Xu, who insisted on getting his perfection.

All in all, Deng Xu was the best candidate.

But Deng Xu was not on Principal Lius list, for Deng Xu was far more difficult to invite than the listed directors.

Hence, even though he knew Deng Xu was more suitable, Principal Liu didnt even bother to try.

Who knew Han Zhuoli would actually bring Deng Xu over!

Everyone was shocked.

Especially Dong Jingxi and the other students.

They couldnt suppress the excitement and happiness in their hearts; all their emotions were clearly painted on their faces.

They never expected that they could work with Deng Xu one day.

To be coached on acting by Deng Xu!

They didnt even dare dream of it, much less expected it.

It would have been fortunate enough for them to be guided by Deng Xu—who knew they could even act in a scene directed by him!

Even if it was only to be a short scene, they were beyond excited.

“CEO Han approached me and asked if I had time.

I enquired why, and the moment I heard youre competing with NYUs students, I knew I had to make time,” Deng Xu said as he smiled.

“We cant let them look down on us forever.

We have to let them see that our new generation of actors is exceptional too.

Our actors are always improving.”

“Thats right,” Principal Liu said, all smiles.

“Director Deng, Im really grateful that you came to coach them.

Its their honor and the schools honor.

Regardless of whether they gain victory over the exchange team or not, getting coached by you is something they can only benefit from.”

Principal Liu then thanked Han Zhuoli seriously.

“Young Master Han, really, thank you.”

“Its nothing,” Han Zhuoli replied.

“Im just concerned that Man Mans too stressed.

All her time at home these days is spent studying her opponents acting skills.

Shes searched for every show the members of the exchange team had acted in and studied every one of them thoroughly.

Though she said she was going to do her best to not be pressured even if she couldnt make it, thats completely different from what I see.”

Han Zhuoli walked behind Lu Man and pressed on her shoulders just as she was about to rise, stopping her movements.

“Shes doing her best, and Ill naturally help her.” Han Zhuoli gave a small smile.

“Otherwise, Ill be in agony just watching her work so hard.”

Zheng Yuan covered her snicker with a hand.

Who knew that attending a meeting today would lead to getting fed with a bout of PDA

As she grinned, she raised her brow at Dong Jingxi.

Dong Jingxi was just prattling on about Lu Mans rottenness, and now, Han Zhuoli had brought Deng Xu directly over.

She was getting slapped with reality fast.

Dong Jingxi glared at Zheng Yuan once before retracting her gaze.

She wanted to leave a good impression in front of Han Zhuoli and Deng Xu.

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