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Chapter 1589: Why Are You Here Too

Her throat was filled with air, making her throat hurt a little even as she spoke.

“Dont panic, quickly calm down,” Teacher Yao said.

“It wouldnt be good if this affects your performance when you try out the lines later.”

Luo Yijun nodded.

She quickly seized the time to regain her composure.

Teacher Hong felt helpless.

“You ran all the way here”

Luo Yijun said in embarrassment, “I finally had this chance, so I was scared I wouldnt be able to get it if I came late.”

Teacher Hong and the others did not say anything, but they all thought in their hearts that Principal Liu had made the right decision to do a swap.

With this attitude of Luo Yijuns, she would definitely treasure this chance and be much more reliable than Dong Jingxi.

“Since Luo Yijun is already here, Ill go in to say it,” Principal Liu said.

When Principal Liu walked into the classroom, Deng Xu had just received the script excerpt and film clip from his work studio.

He passed them to his assistant, who printed out a few copies to disseminate to the students so that they could try reading the lines.

Principal Liu walked up to Deng Xu and said in a low voice, “Director Deng, my sincere apologies, there are some changes to the student selection on the schools side.

I want to swap out the person first before the students start reading the lines and confirming their roles, lest we waste more time.”

“Oh” Deng Xu was worried that some student with an influential background was going to be inserted as the replacement.

As for such backdoor situations, Deng Xu had never really entertained such requests.

It was because he was famous now and had full autonomy over the filming.

Plus, he had the backing of the Han Corporation.

Even if the Han Corporation wanted to promote their artistes, they would not do such a thing anyhow.

Deng Xus films had really never been force-fed with well-connected individuals by investors or the likes before.

Principal Liu was not sure if Deng Xu would misunderstand and explained, “I want to switch out Dong Jingxi.

Looking at her behavior, I am worried that she would not be able to focus on acting well.”

If she spent all her energy trying to pick on Lu Man and stealing the limelight, how much energy would she have left to act

Deng Xu realized his intentions.

How would Deng Xu not be able to see through the intentions of young ladies like Dong Jingxi

It was just that he was here to help with the rehearsals.

The students were chosen by the school, so it would not be good if he intervened too much.

But now that Dong Jingxi was to be replaced, Deng Xu actually felt quite happy.

Just like what Principal Liu had said, he too needed an actor who could focus on acting.

“You already found a replacement” Deng Xu asked.

Hearing Deng Xus tone relax, Principal Liu immediately smiled and said, “Shes already waiting at the door.

As long as you agree, she will be ready to come in.”

“The teachers in your school will know better what the students capabilities are like, so I have no issues on my side,” Deng Xu said with a smile.

After talking to Deng Xu, Principal Liu went to find Dong Jingxi.

To save her face, he did not say it out in front of everyone but just waved at her and said, “Dong Jingxi, come over for a while.”

Seeing the look on Principal Lius face, she instantly had a bad feeling.

She just felt that it would be nothing good.

She dragged her feet as she dawdled out with Principal Liu and saw that Luo Yijun was actually outside.

“Why are you here too” Dong Jingxi asked directly.

Principal Liu said, “We discussed for a while just now.

There are some changes to the selected list of students for the competition this time.

Luo Yijun will be replacing you.

I know you still have other work, so you can go and focus on your work first.

As for the competition, you dont have to worry about it anymore.”

Dong Jingxis face changed immediately.

If it was a teacher from the Directing major that came over to teach them, even if she was replaced, she would not have felt too dejected.

She would be angry.

Whoever was going to be replaced would definitely be angry.

But anger simply came about from feelings of embarrassment, without the feeling of having suffered a loss.

But now, Deng Xu was around, a director whom she might not even be able to meet after years of hard work.

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