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Lu Man was threatening her!

As long as Lu Man wished it, she could make her disappear from the entertainment industry.

Then where was she getting her courage to keep picking on Lu Man

Indeed, Dong Jingxi said nothing after that.

Lu Man dialed Han Zhuolis number right in front of Dong Jingxi.

“Hubby, are you done yet” Lu Man asked.

Han Zhuoli was spooked for a moment.

Lu Man would only call him “hubby” to satisfy him after he begged for it.

She would never call him that on her own otherwise, much less with her voice dripping sweetness.

Han Zhuoli felt his bones melt at the sound of her voice and wished desperately for Lu Man to appear in front of him so he could hug her tightly.

“Anything happening at your side” Or else why would she call him hubby like this

Though he was happy about it.

“Nope, Im just calling to tell you Im done here.

If youre still busy, I can let Xiao Guo send me home.” Lu Man never moved an inch, purposely letting Dong Jingxi listen to their conversation.

Lu Man knew Dong Jingxi was purely envious.

Then so be it! Let her drown in her envy!

Dong Jingxi watched as Lu Man smiled smugly, then Lu Man actually raised her brow provocatively at her!

Dong Jingxi knew Lu Man was rattling her cage on purpose!

Dong Jingxi should have left, knowing that she shouldnt offend Lu Man.

But for reasons unknown to her, she found herself rooted to the spot.

Her mind screamed at her to move, but her feet disobeyed all orders and remained still, listening to Lu Mans call.

Zheng Yuan thought Dong Jingxi must have masochistic tendencies, or why would she stay here and continue getting provoked

Over at the other end, Han Zhuoli glanced at his work, saying, “Xiao Guos waiting at the school already.

Why dont you come over to the Han Corporation first Ill probably finish up in half an hour.”

Han Zhuoli wanted to leave with Lu Man.

He didnt want to move separately.

“Alright.” Lu Man smiled and said, “I wish to go with you too.”

She spoke what Han Zhuoli had wanted to.

Han Zhuoli thought wickedly, when Lu Mans here and hes done with his work, he would straightaway throw her onto the sofa!

Hanging up, Lu Man glanced at Dong Jingxi mockingly—a return jab for how Dong Jingxi looked at her disdainfully just now.

Lu Man and Zheng Yuan then went on their way; Zheng Yuan back to her dormitory to read her script, and Lu Man to the Han Corporation.

Everyone in the Han Corporation now recognized Lu Man.

Hence, no one stopped her when she came, and they even greeted her.

“Hello, Mrs.


“Hello, Madam.”

All these addresses made Lu Man age a whole decade older.

Resigned, Lu Man could only respond accordingly, quickening her steps to Han Zhuolis office.

She stopped by the Public Relations Department halfway through to greet them.

Sister Li and the others were used to it, so they werent distant from Lu Man like employees from the other departments.

Even when Lu Mans already married to Han Zhuoli, she still made an effort to come and see them every time she dropped by the Han Corporation.

For Sister Li and the others, Lu Man was first their colleague before she was Mrs.


Han Zhuoli had said he required 30 more minutes and it was a fast journey from her school to here.

Hence, Lu Man stayed to converse for a short while at the Public Relations Department.

When she left, she bumped into Wu Lize.

Wu Lize didnt know what to feel seeing Lu Man once more.

He recalled the time back at the hospital, when his mother warned him to stay away from Lu Man because of her complicated family background and the burden of Xia Qingweis health.

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