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Chapter 1604: Feeling That He Was Pinching Her Waist

She did not expect Han Zhuoling to fulfill both requirements.

But very soon, those hands with distinct joints and very clean nails were blocked by plastic gloves.

Shi Xiaoya did not have time to look at them carefully before they were gone, which made her face filled with regret.

Han Zhuoling saw her from his peripheral vision.

He wondered what this little girl was thinking about this time.

Her facial expressions were so diverse, as if she looked really regretful.

Shi Xiaoya drooped her ears and took out a brush specifically for cleaning and passed it to Han Zhuoling.

“Just use this.

The most important part is to just scrub the belly.”

Luckily, they did not buy much.

Although it was 1kg, the heads were big, so there were only about 20 of them.

“After that are the fan scallops and oysters.

Their shells are dirtier, so they need to be scrubbed like this as well.” Shi Xiaoya laid the ingredients out for him.

She found another new apron.

Shi Xiaoya kind of realized by now as well.

He wont use what other people used.

So she explained, “This apron is clean.

I use it at home usually as a spare when the other one is in the wash.”

Han Zhuoling saw that this apron also had a cutesy style, so he knew that it was Shi Xiaoyas.

“Help me put it on.” Han Zhuoling raised his hands and explained, “Its not convenient with gloves on.”

And his gloves had already touched the crayfish, so it was not clean either.

Shi Xiaoya did not think too much and just raised the apron to sling it over Han Zhuolings neck when she saw that hed lowered his head.

It was just that even if Han Zhuoling lowered his head, he was still a bit tall, so Shi Xiaoya still had to tiptoe to put it on.

Yet when she had just put it on for him, Shi Xiaoya felt unsteady on tiptoe and swayed forward a little.

It shocked her so she subconsciously clutched on the nearest thing to steady herself, yet when she grabbed, her hands landed on Han Zhuolings shoulders.

Han Zhuoling was bending down, so his lips were very close to touching Shi Xiaoyas forehead.

When Shi Xiaoya was so nervous that she did not know what to do, she could still clearly feel on her forehead his breath coming down on her, which was crazy hot.

The weather was cold now and the air conditioner was on in the house to heat up the rooms, but his breath was still so warm.

So the moment Han Zhuolings breaths came down on Shi Xiaoya, her whole body heated up, so much that she did not feel cold at all.

She subconsciously lifted her head and did not know why Han Zhuoling still maintained his bending position.

Yet when she lifted her head, she happened to be face to face with Han Zhuoling, and their faces were so close together.

As long as she or Han Zhuoling just leaned forward a little bit more, they would kiss each other.

Shi Xiaoya was stunned.

Han Zhuoling also did not expect that she would suddenly raise her head.

It was his first time being so close to her.

Even when she was putting on makeup for him, they were not that close together.

Now both of them were so close that their breaths mingled.

Each time Shi Xiaoya breathed in, Han Zhuolings breaths went through her nose as well.

Just as she scrambled to retreat, her waist was suddenly held by him.

The sides of her waist were firmly secured by his palms, which emanated an endless flow of heat, heating up the sides of her waist.

Her home clothes were clearly not thin, yet she could still feel so clearly the heat from his palms.

How hot must his palms be!

Shi Xiaoya glanced at him nervously.

“Young… Young Master Ling…”

Han Zhuoling treated as if he did not hear her.

Clasping her waist with both his hands, he felt that her waist seemed to be a little too thin.

The fingertips of his hands were almost about to touch each other.

Thinking of that, Han Zhuoling subconsciously exerted a little force and grasped her waist.

Shi Xiaoya: “…”

Why did she feel like he was pinching her waist!

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