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Chapter 1605: How Is It So Thin

This action was a little too intimate.

Shi Xiaoya stared at him in a panic, her whole face flushing red.

Han Zhuoling did not show any signs of abnormality on the surface and looked super upright as he said, “Be careful, stand properly.”

After that, he let go of her waist.

He said that as if he did it to support her, and most likely did not have other intentions.

Only Han Zhuoling himself knew.

After letting go of her, he put his hands behind his back, reminiscing on the feeling again.

This small waist, how was it so thin

Shi Xiaoya was caught up in her own nervousness.

How would she bother noticing Han Zhuolings expressions

After taking a step back in a panic, she stuttered as she thanked him, “Thank… Thank you.

I was too clumsy.”

As for Han Zhuolings explanation, Shi Xiaoya really did not doubt it.

It was really because Han Zhuoling looked so much like a gentleman and did not reveal a hint of any other feelings at all.

He was too calm and looked like he did not really think of her that much.

He was just being kind and supporting her.

If she thought too much about it, that would really not be good on her part.

Shi Xiaoya forced herself to calm down.

She then saw Han Zhuoling turn around and point to his back and say, “I need to trouble you to help me tie it at the back as well.”

The strings for tying around the back were drooping in front of Han Zhuoling.

But Han Zhuoling had already turned around.

If Shi Xiaoya were to stand in front of him, it would not be convenient to tie the strings, but if she stood behind him, it would not be convenient for her to take the strings either.

After weighing the pros and cons, Shi Xiaoya still felt that it was safer to stand behind him.

Hence, she walked over nervously, reaching her hands over the sides of his waist as she went to pull the strings over.

She only realized how tall he was when she stood so close to him.

His wide back blocked her vision fully, leaving everything else out of sight.

Comparing herself against his back, Shi Xiaoya instantly appeared very slender.

Shi Xiaoya reached out her hands nervously to take the strings.

In doing so, her chest accidentally bumped against his back.

Han Zhuolings back stiffened for a moment.

Even if it was just for a second and Shi Xiaoya immediately retreated back, Han Zhuoling could still feel her softness, and his breathing hitched at the same time.

Shi Xiaoya finished tying the apron for Han Zhuoling and said in a small voice, “Its done.”

Han Zhuoling then turned around.

Shi Xiaoya did not dare to look at him this time and lowered her head as she went to busy herself.

Han Zhuoling did not say anything else and went to scrub the crayfish.

It was just that wearing a shirt and doing such housework was really not very comfortable.

Han Zhuoling turned to look at Shi Xiaoya.

Shi Xiaoya had calmed down a little by now and let herself focus on preparing the meal for tonight, so she no longer felt Han Zhuolings presence so greatly.

Shi Xiaoya was cleaning the squids now.

Han Zhuoling saw how comfortable she looked in her home clothes and thought to himself that he still miscalculated this time.

He should have bought two sets of home clothes to bring here when he was buying slippers today.

He had to keep this in mind next time.

After Han Zhuoling scrubbed the shells of the crayfish, fan scallops, and oysters clean, Shi Xiaoya insisted that he did not stay in the kitchen any longer.

She would be stir-frying the base ingredients for the hotpot later, which would be very smoky.

After much effort to chase Han Zhuoling out, Shi Xiaoya finally heaved a sigh of relief.

Focusing on the tasks at hand made her feel much more at ease.

However, Han Zhuolings presence was still too strong and really made it hard for one to ignore.

Now that she was the only one left in the kitchen, Shi Xiaoya felt much more relaxed.

After she fried the base ingredients for the hotpot, she added water and put the seafood in first.

When it was cooking, she then added the crayfish to cook as well.

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