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Chapter 1608: In Passing

Han Zhuoling kept silent, and seeing that Shi Xiaoyas plate of crayfish was finishing soon, started shelling the remaining ones for her.

“Arent you eating, Young Master Ling” Shi Xiaoya said embarrassedly as she watched Han Zhuoling shell all the crayfish for her.

“I was supposed to cook dinner for you, and yet youre giving them all to me.”

“Ive eaten plenty,” he replied.

Shi Xiaoya glanced at the pile of shells in front of him, but most ended up in her stomach, so she had no idea how much he had actually eaten.

“Do you not like eating this” Shi Xiaoya asked hesitantly.

She was afraid that she cooked something he hated.

“No, no, theyre delicious,” Han Zhuoling answered as he continued giving Shi Xiaoya the crayfish.

“You can cook these for me again next time.”

He paused, saying, “Ill also wash the crayfish then.”

Shi Xiaoya imagined him donning the apron and scrubbing the crayfish while wearing the plastic gloves.

It was a completely different image from his usual look.

And now, she regarded it sacrilegious for his hands to wear disposable gloves while shelling crayfish.

But Han Zhuoling obviously felt otherwise, for he shelled the last crayfish and left it on her plate.

An idea popped into Shi Xiaoyas head.

“Wait a moment.” Because Han Zhuoling did all the work, Shi Xiaoya took off her gloves.

She went to get a basket of bamboo sticks from the kitchen and put on a glove once more, inserting the stick through the crayfish one by one.

She then handed Han Zhuoling one.

Han Zhuoling raised his brows.

What new way of eating was this

“Its one of the trends recently.

Skewer the shelled crayfish and drizzle the condiment on it.

But obviously, the eateries dont have such services.

Its all our own hard work.” Shi Xiaoya rested her cheek on an ungloved hand, grinning.

“Who knew Id get to enjoy this good service”

Of course, the work was mostly done by the boyfriends in the videos.

She was too shy to voice this to Han Zhuoling.

She unlocked her phone and took a photo of the skewered meat.

Shi Xiaoya desired to post it on Weibo and send it to her friends, but she didnt dare to in front of Han Zhuoling.

Sugar was added to the soup, but it tasted far sweeter to Shi Xiaoya as she ate.

Her eyes remained closed in satisfaction during the whole process.

She was getting increasingly relaxed in front of Han Zhuoling.

“Right, why did you… follow me on Weibo”


I just saw your page and clickedfollow in passing,” Han Zhuoling explained stoically.

Shi Xiaoya muttered in her heart, So easy.

Why would he follow a woman

The rest of the people he followed were all reputable gentlemen.

Shi Xiaoya didnt say it aloud.

They finished eating, and Shi Xiaoya cleared the table, putting the dishes in the dishwasher.

Han Zhuoling asked just then, “When are you leaving tomorrow”

“Its a 9 oclock flight to Man City this time.” Shi Xiaoya didnt have to hide it from Han Zhuoling; the Han Corporation was the biggest investor of Survivor.

The production team had no reason to keep things confidential even from their biggest sponsor.

Han Zhuoli was concerned.

It was so far up north.

B City was so chilly now, so it would be covered in snow over there.

“Youve packed” Han Zhuoling questioned again.

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