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Chapter 1616: Scam

Shi Xiaoya frowned.

Her Weibo was usually peaceful.

Though she had many fans, it was fewer than those of celebrities.

And because the girls followed her to improve their makeup skills, fights rarely broke out.

Yet now, they were arguing out of nowhere because of Han Zhuoling.

She did not even mention Han Zhuoling once and they could make a ruckus out of nothing

Did it mean Han Zhuolings caught in the crossfire

Handsome men had plenty of female fans who easily invested their feelings in their idols, and Han Zhuolings wife-fans were quite intimidating.

Afraid that their idol would be defiled, they never liked him being connected in any way to any other woman.

Han Zhuoling following ladies on Weibo was unprecedented; she was the first.

From clients to colleagues in the company to the artistes under the Han Corporation…

He had never followed any one of them, even for purely work reasons.

Yet he followed only Shi Xiaoya out of the blue.

People couldnt help but lean towards a romantic direction.

Given how Han Zhuoling was so eye-catching, many eyes were scrutinizing his every move.

Plus, he was still single.

Even a careless action would trigger countless hypotheses, what more following Shi Xiaoya, the lone opposite gender he did that to.

Shi Xiaoya frowned, regretting posting this for fun.

Who knew a simple caption could be misconstrued by others

She mentally debated if she should delete the post, but she would appear guilty, especially since there were many fan comments already.

Others would certainly seize this point and claim that shed purposely posted it for attention.

She knew the tricks of the keyboard warriors.

Over at Han Zhuolings side, as Shi Xiaoya hesitated…

Sending Lin Liye on her way, Han Zhuoling went back to his bed and picked up his phone.

He saw the notification Lin Liye had mentioned previously.

Not only did Han Zhuoling follow Shi Xiaoya candidly, he even gave her special attention.

He would be notified the moment she updated.

This time, it was the system notification informing him that Shi Xiaoya had made a new Weibo post.

He tapped on the notification, which brought him to Shi Xiaoyas Weibo page.

Seeing the picture Shi Xiaoya posted made him chuckle.

So this was how the picture Shi Xiaoya took during the meal looked like.

Yet Shi Xiaoya did not mention him helping her shell the crayfish.

But with Han Zhuolings brains, he immediately understood why.

However, not only was he displeased by Shi Xiaoyas caution, his frown got even deeper.

Shi Xiaoyas acting as if he was shameful to be with.

Wasnt it just a meal

Was there such a need to avoid and hide traces of him, not even daring to say his name

Han Zhuolings face was as black as a thundercloud as he tapped under Shi Xiaoyas post heavily.

He “liked” it.


Back with Shi Xiaoya.

Just as she was considering deleting her post, she got a notification.

A peek told her Han Zhuoling had actually “liked” her post.

That meant Han Zhuoling was seeing her Weibo currently as well.

Shi Xiaoya never expected Han Zhuoling to catch her in the act of showing off.

All her reputation was gone now…

Han Zhuolings “like” caused another racket in the comment section.

“Han Zhuoling actually liked Shi Xiaoyas scam post!”

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