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Chapter 1619: Prestigious

“Heh, then according to you, all these rich heirs are posting concurrently because of Shi Xiaoya Who is Shi Xiaoya Is she that prestigious”

Who knew what mentality they had, perhaps bitterness, but the majority chose to believe they did not post for Shi Xiaoya.

But because of this, the voices claiming Shi Xiaoya was scamming died down.

It didnt matter if it was connected to Shi Xiaoya since she did post first while the others posted more than an hour later.

They couldnt allege that Shi Xiaoya was scamming.

Han Zhuoling raised a brow.

What was happening

Posting the same thing as Shi Xiaoya

The elder Young Master Han opened a delivery app and ordered crayfish from a nearby shop.

Half an hour later, an administrator from downstairs called, informing them of the delivery.

The helper was surprised.

Who… who ordered crayfish

“Give me a moment, Ill be down.” She hung up and questioned Lin Liye.

Lin Liye blinked.

“No, its late already.

I didnt order anything.”

She was paying attention to her health now, even having birds nest for dinner, eating better for breakfast, and having less for lunch.

She wouldnt eat anything else after 5 pm.

The helper wondered, could it be the deliveryman sent it to the wrong address So she went to clarify with Han Zhuofeng.

Han Zhuofeng was eating chicken while wearing headphones, oblivious to her knocking on the door.

She felt that it was probably not Han Zhuofeng either and left.

The helper had no courage to ask Han Zhuoling.

He was too scary.

Han Zhuoling didnt seem like someone who would order supper either, so the person probably sent it to the wrong address.

Han Zhuolings door opened just as she walked past, about to head downstairs.

“Sir.” The helper greeted hurriedly.

“There should be a delivery coming later,” Han Zhuoling said.

The helper didnt expect that it was really Han Zhuolings.

She nodded quickly.

“Its already here.

Ive asked Madam and Young Master Feng about it and they said its not theirs.

I thought it was delivered wrongly! Im going to take it now.”

Han Zhuoling nodded and the helper quickly took the lift to the ground floor.

Confirming that its indeed Han Zhuolings order with the Han Familys address, the helper then went home with the food.

The helper couldnt help salivating at the delicious aroma of the crayfish.

Lin Liye smelled it too as the helper entered the door.

“Who ordered this”

She replied, “Sir ordered it.

I think its crayfish, smells delicious.”

Lin Liye was surprised.

“He actually ordered takeout”

Its really different after someones started dating, huh More and more unusual things are happening.

Lin Liye totally neglected the fact that Han Zhuoling only liked Shi Xiaoya and was not even dating her yet.

Han Zhuoling appeared without the helper calling him.

Having just finished his game, Han Zhuofeng came out sniffing.

“Who ordered crayfish Smells so good.”

Lin Liye said, “Your brother did.”

Han Zhuofeng was astonished.

“Bro, you know how to order this”

“Are you eating” Han Zhuoling asked him.

“Of course!” Han Zhuofeng pulled up his sleeves and sat.

“This is perfect.

I just ate chicken—what good luck to be having crayfish too tonight!” Han Zhuofeng put on disposable gloves.

Lin Liye got hungry smelling the aroma and ate two as well.

Han Zhuoling didnt have an appetite since he had a full meal at Shi Xiaoyas.

Though most were given to Shi Xiaoya, he did consume a few.

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