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Chapter 1624: Things Are Not So Simple

Suddenly, even the faint smile that flashed across his face became unusually clear at this moment, making his expression seem exceptionally gentle.

Shi Xiaoyas face heated up.

“Then… I really have to thank Young Master Ling this time.”

“Are you very close to him” Shi Nancang asked astutely.

“Nope,” Shi Xiaoya quickly added.

She was really afraid that if she said the word “close,” Shi Nancang would just bulldoze his way to the Han Corporation.

“I dont know why Young Master Ling would post this either, but Im still really grateful to him.” Shi Xiaoya laughed awkwardly.

“You guys are not close but hes so actively helping you Then Im very curious now.” Shi Nancang was confused.

“He doesnt seem like such a helpful and kind person.

At most, he would just publicize new productions by the Han Corporation or things like that.

Ive never seen him tagging anyone individually before.”

“Could it be… could it be because Im part of the Han Corporation” Shi Xiaoya braced herself and made some random guesses.

“If netizens say that Im trying to make things up with him, it wont be anything good for me or him, and it might sound bad if word were to spread, thats why he came out to post.


Shi Xiaoya thought of Survivor and that Han Zhuoling was participating in it.

Shi Nancang would know about it sooner or later.

So she said, “Didnt I go on Survivor to follow the production team as a makeup artist I heard that Young Master Ling is one of the guests, just that he wont be going every episode.

But no matter what, both of us will still be in the same show.

If there were to be something negative, it would affect the show too.

The Han Corporation invested a huge sum in Survivor this time.”

“Is that it” Shi Nancang was managing the big family enterprise of the Shi family himself, after all.

It would not be that easy to lie to him.

He just felt that there was something off about what Shi Xiaoya said.

But he did not have anything to rebut her with at the moment.

After all, he was not close to Han Zhuoling.

It was already so late, so he did not continue pestering Shi Xiaoya to ask about other things.

Anyway, judging from her disposition, he probably would not be able to get anything out of Shi Xiaoya.

Shi Nancang was still pent up with suspicion, but he ended the call.

He felt even more strongly that things were not so simple!

Shi Nancang stroked his chin and thought about it.

Meanwhile, Shi Xiaoya could no longer sleep because of Shi Nancangs call.

She opened Weibo and went to Han Zhuolings homepage.

She could not see the post that Han Zhuoling uploaded previously.

She could only see Han Zhuolings latest post.

The last post before this which Han Zhuoling had made was actually a reshare of the first round of publicity for the show, Survivor.

It had been a while since then.

When she scrolled further to see earlier posts, she saw he had also reshared different kinds of publicity posts.

He had not written anything himself previously, let alone made any posts about his daily life.

Looking at Han Zhuolings Weibo, she saw there were no selfies, and nothing about his daily life, so there was nothing to gossip about.

Yet he still had so many fans, who waited through days and nights just to see him reshare an official post.

Looking down this row of posts, she saw that the post that had just been posted tonight instantly appeared unusually prominently, just like how prominent she was, being the only person of the opposite sex among a string of males in Han Zhuolings low, double-digit “following” count.

No wonder the fans reactions were so huge.

Seeing how hed specially tagged her gave her a strange feeling of intimacy, even though he clearly did not say anything ambiguous or vaguely romantic.

Shi Xiaoyas cheeks flushed red and were even redder than any blusher that was out there.

When she opened up the comments, she found that there were still a small handful of people who were saying that it was Shi Xiaoya who was latching on to Han Zhuoling to increase her popularity.

However, such comments no longer won the support of most people and were very quickly attacked and brought down by others.

The rest were all fans who had decided to ship them as their OTP.

Shi Xiaoyas fans were the happiest here.

Han Zhuolings fans were basically split into two camps.

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