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Chapter 1635: Blacklist

“Furthermore, that man Han Zhuoling just has no feelings.

Would he know what love is Would he love someone” Xia Yixin refused to believe it.

“Its only been so long since our divorce.

He could fall in love with someone in such a short time I dont believe it!”

She had been married to Han Zhuoling for so long, yet Han Zhuoling had never fallen in love with her, ever.

Yet now, her friend was telling her that in this short period of time, Han Zhuoling had fallen in love with another woman

Someone who had never fallen in love in his thirty years suddenly knew how to love someone

Xia Yixin did not believe and refused to accept it!

As his ex-wife, she could not even make him take a longer look at her.

Yet now, he actually actively went to take care of another woman

How could she accept this

But there was a saying that Xia Yixin forgot.

Its not that one did not love, or did not know how to love.

Its just that one had never met the right person.

Once theyd met, sparks would fly in an instant.

Falling in love at first sight was quite hard to happen for Han Zhuoling.

But the initial good feeling remained.

As with most interactions, this good feeling would either deepen or fade.

With regards to Shi Xiaoya, Han Zhuolings good feeling continued to deepen, until he could understand that this was love.

It was not considered love at first sight—it was just that the right person finally came.

“That, I wouldnt know.

Anyway, I just saw them at the airport and took some photos for you to see.

Exactly what it is, I cant confirm anything for you.” Guan Qiaoxin pursed her lips.

After Xia Yixin and Han Zhuoling divorced, she did not hit Xia Yixin at her lowest and even maintained the same attitude towards her.

She did not look down on her because of this or look at her in a different light.

But to be honest, Guan Qiaoxin privately thought that Xia Yixin was really quite stupid.

Xia Yixin had said before that she did something to let Han Zhuoling down because Han Zhuoling did not love her at all and was unable to fulfill her emotional needs.

However, Guan Qiaoxin felt that Xia Yixin herself never put in the effort before either.

Given Xia Yixins character, unless it was real love, who would fall in love with her out of their own accord

Given that, she still did not check herself and try her best to make Han Zhuoling like her.

Instead, she dug her own grave.

She had a much better foundation to work on compared to other people.

She had her marriage with Han Zhuoling as her foundation, which made it easier for her to win Han Zhuolings love compared to other people.

Yet, not only did Xia Yixin not put in effort, she was even disdainful of Han Zhuoling.

To be honest, a man who did not love her that could actually stay loyal to his marriage and not do anything to let her down, that kind of man was so nice that they were almost extinct.

Even with that, Xia Yixin still did not know how to treasure it.

If it was her whod had the fortune of marrying such a good man, she would not have been as dumb as Xia Yixin was.

Now, Xia Yixin wanted to patch things up with Han Zhuoling; she was really daydreaming.

It was just that while Xia Yixin was daydreaming and refused to heed anyone elses words, she did not want to put herself out there as the bad person either.

Guan Qiaoxin did not want to listen to Xia Yixin ranting over there and said, “Its almost my turn for the security clearance.

Ill hang up first.”

With that excuse, she quickly ended the call.

At that moment, Shi Xiaoya and Guo Yujie had actually also passed the security clearance, and both of them went to the VIP lounge.


Xia Yixin hung up, but she still could not calm down.

If she did not find out whether Han Zhuoling really found a new love, she would not be able to put her heart at ease.

Xia Yixin flipped through her contacts.

She remembered she had Tong Chunians contact number.

Xia Yixin immediately contacted Tong Chunian.

However, no matter how many times she called, there was no response.

Xia Yixin realized that Tong Chunian had put her contact into the blacklist.

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