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Chapter 1637: The Iron Tree Blooms

“So How do you want me to deal with this” Wei Zilin asked jokingly.

“I have collected incriminating information on Yuan Yina.

Ill pass it to you.

Exactly how to go about doing it, you would be more knowledgeable than me in this field,” Han Zhuoling said.

He did not ask about the details, as long as it was done.

This was Han Zhuolings habit as a boss.

Or else, if he had to ask about everything personally, how would he have the time to handle everything


This small matter is no problem,” Wei Zilin said and smiled.

He still had a long queue of people asking him to personally handle their public relations.

He had endless work coming in, but when it came to Han Zhuoling, he was simply doing it out of personal ties.

“Then Ill have to trouble you for this,” Han Zhuoling said seriously.

Wei Zilin gasped and said, “Whats this The iron tree finally bloomed Brother Ling, weve known each other for so many years, but Ive never seen you put in so much effort for any woman.

You even specially asked your friend to come and settle this.”

He even went to dig out incriminating information on Yuan Yina.

Han Zhuoling: “…”

He could feel the low air pressure even over the phone, so Wei Zilin laughed awkwardly and said, “Lets talk about serious matters, serious matters haha.

“After you pass Yuan Yinas incriminating information to me, do you want me to release them all at once or do it in two waves” Wei Zilin asked.

Right after that, he explained why he asked this.

“If you release it all at once, it would greatly damage her reputation in a single blow.

However, it would be hard to assure that she would not have a chance to make a comeback later on.

Based on what you said, Yuan Yina is very ambitious.

This kind of person will not admit defeat and back out so easily.

She will try to think of all kinds of ways and find opportunities to make a comeback.

And you cant possibly keep your eye on her your whole life.

“If you do it in two waves, then it would be teaching her a lesson the first time round and withholding some of the incriminating information first.

Given Yuan Yinas character, she would probably kick up some other scandal after some time.

‘Til then, no matter who she has a conflict with, we can blow up the conflict so that theres more visibility and increased impact, and we will then release the other portion of incriminating evidence.”

Hearing this, Han Zhuoling knew that such an effect would be far better than the first.

“Then split it into two waves,” Han Zhuoling said.


Ill keep an eye on this for you,” Wei Zilin said.

“You dont have to bother about it anymore.”

Han Zhuoling ended the call and let Tong Chunian handle the matter, digging out all the things Yuan Yina had done in the past.

Back then, when Yuan Yina and Shi Xiaoya were competing to be selected to enter the production crew of Son of Heaven, Yuan Yina had hired paid posters to smear Shi Xiaoyas reputation, saying that shed relied on underhanded means to make a name for herself.

On the contrary, it was Yuan Yina who actually really did so.

Furthermore, such secrets could not be hidden in their industry.

Those things all left traces, and it was actually very easy to find them out.

Yuan Yina was really not a smart person.

She did not exercise caution even when she went around hooking up with other people.

Hence, within two days, Tong Chunian had managed to find all the things that Han Zhuoling needed.

“There are still some left, which is this batch.

But I think, since we are going to split it into two waves, I can slowly consolidate the remaining information that is less complete, so these should be enough for now,” Tong Chunian explained.

If he were to really gather complete information, it would be quite time-consuming as well.

Han Zhuoling nodded.

“Continue gathering the information.”


Han Zhuoling sent the information he had on hand over to Wei Zilin.

Wei Zilin was very efficient and crisp in handling his work.

That very night, news of Yuan Yina relying on underhanded means to get into her current position, news of her having improper relationships with many artistes, including artistes that were old enough to be her father, as well as with rich artistes, surfaced online.

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