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Chapter 1644: Recommend

Howard raised his brow, asking his makeup artist who was about to start, “How dyou compare to that Shi Xiaoya”

The exchange team obviously wouldnt have approached some novice makeup artists.

They sought out those famous makeup artists who work for the local celebrities too.

The other party gave a dry laugh.

“If we really had to compare, Miss Xiaoya is definitely better than me.”

How could others compare

Shi Xiaoya had done makeup for award-winning actors, and she would even do the advertisements for big brand names.

As long as it went under Shi Xiaoyas promotion, that product would certainly be well-liked by the masses, even going out of stock.

Meanwhile, the most that a makeup artist like them could do was to teach some makeup techniques if theyre invited to some variety show.

Someone like her was in a completely different league than Shi Xiaoya.

Howard immediately drew a long face upon hearing it.

“How much better How much worse”

The other party was feeling so awkward she could sink into the ground.

Knowing that shes worse than Shi Xiaoya should have been enough.

Who knew that Howard would be so insistent on the details

Must he force her to admit how much worse she was than Shi Xiaoya

Howard understood immediately looking at her expression.

“I have no need for you anymore.” Howard waved her aside disgustedly and rose, walking towards Lu Man.

Lu Man had her back to Howard, and the mirror couldnt catch him in its angle, so she had no idea he was coming.

But Shi Xiaoya saw, and she whispered to Lu Man as she continued her work, “Howards walking this way.

Seems like hes targeting you.”

Indeed, Lu Man soon saw from the mirror that Howard was coming over, arrogance plastered on his face.

And then, he stopped by Lu Man and Shi Xiaoya.

“Lu Man,” Howard called.

Lu Man turned to look at him and gave a small nod.



“Youre almost done with your makeup, right” Howard asked her.

Howard had the height advantage because he was standing while Lu Man sat.

Plus, because Howards build was like that of many other Europeans, he appeared average in the movies when everyone beside him was around similar size.

But he was especially outstanding right now compared to them.

He made Lu Man and Shi Xiaoya appear exceptionally petite.

It was as if he was looking down on them with his top-down view.

Uncertain of what Howard was up to, Lu Man replied, “Not yet, Ive just started.”

Howard obviously disbelieved her words, turning to Shi Xiaoya.

“How far is her makeup done”

Shi Xiaoya answered as she worked on, “There are still many details to be done.”

She knew that Howards on bad terms with Lu Man, seeing his attitude.

Shi Xiaoya would naturally support Lu Man at these times.

In truth, Lu Mans makeup was nearly done.

There were only some minor details left to be touched up if unsatisfactory.

Seeing Shi Xiaoyas skills, Howard knew that other makeup artists couldnt compare to her.

Just a few simple strokes and Lu Man looked as if she had changed her face.

She could make a name for herself sooner or later with such skills in Hollywood.

“Why do I see that youre almost done Theres nothing left anyway,” Howard said.

“I have a makeup artist here.

You can let her finish up.”

Lu Man raised her brow.

“What do you mean”

Howard gave a smug laugh, ignoring Lu Man.

He turned to Shi Xiaoya.

“So Any interest in doing my makeup If you do it well, I can recommend you to the production teams of Hollywood.

Youll have more space to develop over there.”

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