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Chapter 1659: Against the Heavens


Wang,” Shana greeted.

Wang Juhuai looked over.

He found Shana a little familiar, but he did not know her well.

Although she was a popular teen idol now, Wang Juhuai had never taken note of such things, especially now that he had been staying in the country.

Those who had relations with him were all big shots.

As for the kind like Shana, Wang Juhuai really did not have much chances to get to know them.

“Hello, I am Shana.” Shana introduced herself and immediately talked about a few films that she had acted in before.

Wang Juhuai had a slight impression of them and replied, “Hello.

If theres a chance, I will listen to your songs.”

“That would be my greatest honor.

If there is anything I lack in, please feel free to correct me,” Shana immediately said.

“Ive always hoped that I would have a chance to meet you.

I never expected that I would be able to see you here today.

You and Lu Man are—”

“She is my daughter,” Wang Juhuai replied politely.

The moment he said that, Howards face really turned into ashes.

When Lu Man was chatting with Wang Juhuai just now, they were naturally speaking in Mandarin.

Though he saw how both of them looked close to each other, Howard could not understand what they were saying.

Now that hed heard Wang Juhuai introduce her in English, how could not help but suck in his breath

With that, how was he supposed to humiliate Lu Man and avenge Bourbotte

Lu Mans family ties, werent they going against the heavens!

Shana was also stunned for a moment, but she was also quietly relieved that she had not offended Lu Man before.

They did not have much interaction before, so there was no chance of offending to speak of.


Wang, I wonder if I can have the honor to invite you to write a song for me” Shana seized the opportunity to ask.

Howard could not even contain his contempt towards her.

Wang Juhuai had never written a song for any singer, not even the worlds most famous singers or for the classical bel canto singers.

Wang Juhuais music mostly appeared in films.

Up until now, among all the films that Wang Juhuai had composed music for, none of them had ever flopped.

It was the same be it blockbuster films that required massive spending, literary films with deep meanings, or social impact films.

The former generated massive success at box office sales while the latter ones garnered an immense reputation and public praise.

The difference between a good and a bad film is determined by everything from the script, directors, actors, clothing, makeup to props, etc.

None of the components could be lacking.

The true insiders only needed to see the staff list to get a sense of the films quality.

And as long as they saw that the music composer was Wang Juhuai, the insiders would know that this film would not go too wrong.

Even for composing music, Wang Juhuai also looked at the productions he was composing for.

To invite Wang Juhuai, it did not just require money, quality was even more important.

It was evident how difficult it was to invite Wang Juhuai.

And to be able to invite Wang Juhuai to compose music for one individually, it had only happened once, which was for the worlds best pianist.

It was at a concert for a special segment that surprised the audience with the performance.

It was only afterward that people learned that the piece was composed by Wang Juhuai.

Yet Shana, a singer who had just risen to popularity, wanted to invite Wang Juhuai to compose a song for her

One had to say, she was really courageous.

Wang Juhuai politely rejected her without being rude.

“My wife is pregnant.

I need to focus on caring for her this period, so I have put a hold on all my work.

I cant say for sure when I will resume my work.

After all, when the baby is born, I also have to take care of the baby.”

This reason was…

Shana did not even know how to counter it.

Did he even need to care for the child

It was clearly an excuse to reject her.

However, Wang Juhuai was not lying either.

He had just finished composing music for a film.

Back then, Xia Qingwei had just been confirmed to be pregnant, so Wang Juhuai took a long break from his work and was now finally done composing it.

He then put all his work on hold afterward to focus on accompanying Xia Qingwei.

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